Stasia Dietzen
Olivia Thirlby as Stasia
Fullname Anastasia Volturi
Birthday June 25, 1924
Species Vampire
Age Appears 19 or 20.
Height 5'1"
Weight 95 lbs
Eyes Garnet, unless wearing colored contacts.
Hair Brown
Relationship Status Complicated
Power Animal possession
Parents Karl Dietzen (d. 1944), Annmarie Dietzen (d. 1943)
Siblings Marie Dietzen Stark — Identical twin (d. 2006).
Occupation Scout and spy for the Volturi Guard.


Stasia's history (abbreviated)

Stasia's history as a human is tragic. Born in Austria before the start of World War II, she and her family was sent to a work camp in Poland after it was discovered they had helped smuggle Jewish families out of the country. Auschwitz was their second destination. She and her identical twin sister were selected for experimentation by the Nazis, under the infamous Dr. Josef Menegle.

As the war was drawing to a close and the Germans became more desperate, Stasia was selected for another experiment, something Mengele had acquired from an unknown source that was supposed to create the Nazi super-soldier. Stasia and three others were test subjects, before this mysterious substance was to be given to German soldiers.The experiment was conducted in absolute secrecy, or so they thought. Mengele may not have known that he was creating vampires, but the Volturi did. Their first task was to stop the experiment and destroy the evidence, then to find and destroy the vampire that had supplied the venom to Mengele in the first place. Stasia completed the transformation and, using her gift, was able to elude capture. Among the Volturi guard was Demetri, largely considered to be the greatest vampire tracker in the world. By stumbling upon her Gift, Stasia was able to split her consciousness into the minds of six different woodland creatures, scattering them. To Demetri, it appeared as though the "tenor" of her thoughts came from several directions at once, making it impossible to get a "lock" onto her. As Demetri relies entirely on his talent, he was unable to track her using more mundane means. This makes Stasia the only vampire to have ever eluded Demetri. To his credit, it was also determined that finding the newborn was less of a priority at the time. Finding and destroying the supplier of vampire venom to the Nazis was more important. It's unlikely that Stasia could have escaped capture for long. But she did get enough of a glimpse of the Volturi in action to learn two truths: There were others of her kind. And if they caught her, they would kill her.

For years, Stasia existed alone. She focused on revenge after she was unable to find her sister. Careful to keep hidden from other vampires, she worked with the fledgling Mossad, tracking and killing Nazis that had fled after the end of the war. Later, she went to Africa when her need for revenge lasted longer than the Nazis. The "dark continent" had many wars, injustice and genocide that needed addressing. Eventually, her rage ran its course and she chose to remove herself from the human world. She went to South Africa, establishing herself in Kruger National Park, roaming as far as Botswana and Mozambique.

She may have continued there for centuries, in relative peace. But one visitor to the park bore such a striking resemblance to her deceased father that she needed to investigate further. Tracking his origins from his tour reservations was child's play, leading Stasia to far-off America. If there are survivors of her mortal kin, she wanted to know.


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"Staring at the Sun" by the Offspring
Wherever I may Roam" by Metallica
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon by Janis Siegel
Hallelujah Rhapsody by Leonard Cohen
No Leaf Clover by Metallica

Personal Logs

Visiting Ghosts-- October 2007

Recon Dive--November 17, 2007

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