Stay Puff Marshmallow Woman

IC Time: March 29, 2007
Location: La Push - First Beach: Bonfire Pit
Synopsis: As night settle on La Push Micah and Lorelei have a little conversation around the bonfire.
Submitted by: Micah

A cool breeze flows through the night, wafting the small flames of the bonfire around as embers erupt into the air. The darkness, illuminated by the fire, casts shadows here and there amongst the trees and rocks. The ever cloudy sky parting at times to allow moonlight through and to make the stars visible. Micah stands, near the bonfire, simply looking up at the sky as if contemplating something. His body clothed in light garments but he shows no ill affects from the low temperature. He lets out a sigh and then stares into the flames.

Lorelei is making her way on towards the bonefire carrying a pack of marshmellows with her and humms a faint tune to herself. Her gaze drifts over the area before she catches sight of another form near the fire. It doesn't take her long to figure out who it is though. "Evening Micah." She says with a smile before she moves to sit down on one of the seats.

Slightly startled Micah turns and with a smile says, "Hello Lorelei." he looks you over for a moment and absentmindedly places another log on the fire, "Didn't expect anyone else to be out here tonight.." he looks idly at the bag in your hands, "Marshmallows?" he questions with a slight snicker before moving more towards you as the fire grows slightly with the inclusion of the new log.

Lorelei smirks some and eyes him faintly before shaking the bag at him. "You know you want some." She says with an amused tone. "I'm use to being up at odd hours during the night so figured I'd come spend some time here while Marshall is sleeping."

Sitting down on one of the benches Micah turns towards you, "Nah I am okay. I have to watch my figure after all." he grins slightly and nods towards your last comment, "Ah I see. How is Marshall doing by the way? With all my studying I rarely get to see most of the guys, well the studying and the fact I cannot keep up with you." he gives a half hearted smile and his gaze shifts for a moment, as if looking into nothing, and then back to you. Some form of longing can be seen on his face, probably to do with the fact he has yet to shift even after his change started weeks ago.

"Form my ass." Lorelei says with an amused tone while she picks up a stick and takes a marshmellow out and puts it on the end of the stick. "His alright, just working to much I think." She peers at him curiously and ahs a moment. "Well.. Maybe your get a chance to do it some day.. Who knows."

Micah looks wounded for a moment, but then smiles, "Some of us do not have heightened metabolisms, so I have to watch what I eat. You think it is easy looking this hot?" his chides slightly and grins, "And I hope I can. Heard there was an attack close by the other day, well a near attack, so I plan on talking to the council tomorrow and telling them about it. Not much I can do but they can maybe up the patrol some, or focus on the weaker areas. Maybe have some of the outlying people move further into La Push till everything is secure."

Lorelei ponders some. "The one with the vampire and the strange wolf?" She questions while peering at the fire and the marshmellow. "Or the one out in the forest dealing with the fire?"

"The one with the vampire and the other wolf…" he pauses for a moment and then says, "I would not call her strange. I rather enjoyed her company." he says it somewhat matter of a fact, without realizing he just gave away that he knows the wolf. He tries to change the topic, to move on the conversation, and states, "But more are coming from what I was told. The council needs to be abreast of the situation and needs to come up with a plan to counteract the influx of vampires into the area. Mind you I do not mind the Cullens here, but the others…well I am weary of them. Even the ones that claim to do not harm."

Lorelei blinks and looks over curiously a moment, watching Micah while pondering. "So you talk to her?.." She questions with a curious tone. "I saw her that night and she went after that vampire.." Not that she cares. "They know, I already told them about it." She shakes her head slightly while looking back to the fire. "I don't know what we can do about all the vampires.. Hell we couldn't deal with Ramona and her stupid group after all the crap they pulled."

With a nod Micah sighs, "True." he looks towards the woods, wondering where she is now before turning back, "And yes. I had quite a long conversation with her. Sadly her parting words were that more would come, and a plan would need to be made or else we might not make it." his look grows slightly darker, aided by the shadows cast by the bonfire, "But for the life of me I cannot figure out a plan which would aid us, not in the long run. I am sure the Cullens will help…I would hope. But that is always so temporary…"

Lorelei is quiet as she listions to Micah, pondering while she pulls the stick out from the fire eyeing the half burned marshmellow. "We need to talk to Jacob and Sam.. An then go from there." She offers before eatting the marshmellow after a few moments once its cooled off. "But with the way the pack patrols the area I don't think many if any could slip onto the lands without us knowing about it."

"That is true…but you have to worry sometimes." he attempts to remove the gloom from his face but it does not work too well, "The pack can only do so much. I know most of them have to be tired as is…but anyway. I will converse with the council, and I am sure they will think of something. They will of course call Sam and Jacob to the meeting, the input of the pack leaders is invaluable." his emphasis the last word with some disdain but smiles anyway.

Lorelei is quiet for a few moments. "Ya.. I do worry." With all the problems she's had with the vampires lately its not real surprize. "I'm sure were all figure out something." Her gaze turns back towards the other. "So.. How have you been? Haven't talked to you in a while."

"Just the same old stuff. Studying and more studying. As if school wasn't enough the elders love to tack on more stuff for me to research. I know Billy Black is probably getting tired of me. He has had to instruct me on many things and I know my constant sighs are grating at him." he gives a slight grin, as if torturing his tutors is some form of payback, "But besides that everything is going okay. Still waiting on the big change, I had the shakes the other day, thought that might be it. But sadly it was my mom's cooking."

Lorelei chuckles softly. "I'm sure he doesn't mind teaching you anything Micah." She says with an amused tone. A faint snicker escapes her as he talks about his mothers cooking. "Eh.. I think its more emotional linked then dealing with someone's cooking bud."

Micah nods, "I know he gets some pleasure out of it though. He was taught all the things he is teaching me so he knows what I am going through." he gives a small laugh at the comment, "Yeah, I had hoped it might be time. Sadly I was bent over the toilet for about an hour with my dad laughing in the hallway. Not a good experience. I am just glad none of the guys had been over to see it. I am sure the jokes would start up rather quickly."

Lorelei snickers faintly at this and doesn't have the heart to tell him then when she changes into a wolf the pack will know already. "An I thought my cooking was bad.. I think your mom takes the prize there."

"Yeah. My mom can be rather harsh in the kitchen but she means well." he stands up from the hard wooden bench and stretches, the sound of various bones popping can be heard and he scratches his head before smiling, "But of course if I can live through her cooking, a vampire attack should be a piece of cake. Maybe we can get her to cook for them sometimes, kill them off through dinner."

Lorelei smirks at that. "Ya well.. Don't be too cocky when it comes to dealing with vampires. They don't fight fair that's for sure." An she has some scars to prove it. "If they would eat it I'm sure it would do." She says with an amused tone to the talk about his mother's food.

"Oh I know they don't fight fair. But still, it would be an easy solution to ending them. Ma Hatch's Killer Tacos!" he grins some and looks off towards town, "Well, some of us have to go to school in the morning so I am going to run on and let you finish feeding your face. Be careful out here by yourself." he says with a concerned look on his face, but he soon replaces it with a smile and starts to walk towards the road, "And try not to pig out too much. I wonder what Marshall would say if you came back as the Chubby Wolf." he smirks.

Lorelei smirks while eyeing Micah faintly. "Your so going to get smacked.. hard.. if you keep that shit up." She states with a faint tone before huffing. "Go on and run home like a good little puppy." Lore offers while grinning faintly.

With a grin Micah does just that, idly singing 'Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf' as he does so. Topping the hill he calls back, just loud enough for you to hear, "Night Chubby." he quickly runs off towards town, though he knows he will be in so much trouble when the others hear about it, he still thinks it will be worth the punches.

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