Steve Rickson
Portrayed by Robert Sean Leonard
Full name Steve Rickson
Birthday March 2, 1913
Species Werewolf
Age 94 (38)
Height 6'
Eyes Black-Brown
Hair Brown
Power None
Parents Dead
Siblings Dead
Occupation Accountant


Steve Rickson is not Steve Rickson's name. He was born as Stephen Katzman in Oklahoma, one son of four more boys and one girl, in the year 1913. His father was a white collar clerk, his mother a homemaker and occasional tutor, reasonably academic practices despite the rural setting in which they resided. The variety of personalities the Katzman family bred was somewhat eclectic, from the commanding, domineering presence of the eldest son through to the energetic charisma of the token daughter through to the quiet intelligence of yet another boy.

Fourth eldest in the pack, Stephen took on a little bit of everything - certainly smart, certainly friendly, and with a certain stability that ensured his siblings and peers occasionally listened to him. He did well in his studies, avoided sports, and, less noticeably, grew up to be fiercely observant. Probably, he could be called the most shrewd of the clan, though never in particularly mean ways.

He was bitten by a werewolf in 1951, and he was 38 at the time. There's more to the story than that, but as far as impromptu sirings go, it could be more exciting. In that it was entirely accidental with no bearing on choosing, no bearing on whether or not he deserved it, for better or for worse. It had been the biggest stray dog Steve had ever seen, and what it was doing down in a New York City subway, he wouldn't have had any idea. It moved faster than he'd ever known a living creature to move, and clamped a jaw down on his arm that was so strong he, to this day, is in awe that he didn't lose the limb from the elbow down. A witness and good Samaritan had nailed the creature with a good kick to the belly, sending it scrabbling madly back down the tunnels.

He transformed within a few hours. What ensued would be the petty destruction of his apartment and getting locked in the bathroom possibly by accident. Rather than crash down the door with one ram of his overlarge wolfy head, he'd instead fallen asleep in the bathtub, and woken up there back in his human shape, with his head pounding as if he were enduring the mother of all hangovers, and shivering from the cold, considering his clothing was in tatters strewn throughout his living room.

For the next two weeks, Steve worked hard at convincing himself that that night had basically been some hopeless fever dream, and the wild dog's bite had maybe carried with it some sort of disease that made him go temporarily insane. That this was a reassurance in comparison to the truth is saying something, but it didn't completely fly with him. Otherwise, he would have gone to hospital. Otherwise, he wouldn't have poked around libraries about legends of werewolves and magical transformations. Otherwise, he wouldn't have driven to the foresty parts of upstate New York come the full moon. Just in case.

Forks was Steve's idea. Small towns were more his preference, and there were rumours of all kinds of immortal activity down
that way. He plied Rick with enough logic and alcohol and agreement that they could go to Mexico afterwards and that yes he could pick their aliases, and off they went to the rainy little town. Steve would pick up a job with a bank, bringing Rick
onboard as well for a need of the dual incomes, and then the plan is to— formulate a plan and go from there.

Timeline and Current Plots

November, 2006

  • 22nd - On The Subject of Indian: Newcomers to Forks discuss the possibility of checking out the local supernatural haunts, as well as dinner.


Steve is friendly and amicable with most people he encounters, an easy talker, if occasionally aloof. This isn't exactly a facade - he is more or less genuine, but it certainly conceals more than it tells. At the core, he is a little arrogant in that he feels like he knows what's ~best~ for people around him, as well as being manipulative and shrewd. He's a good observer and a good listener, and is good at applying the information he gleans as to the nature of the other person to benefit both them and himself, ideally.

He is reasonably pragmatic, as well as being one for self-preservation. He will turn and run before fight, but knows when fighting is the better option, occasionally. Though Steve is good at making acquaintances, making friends is a little harder, and in the past forty years, only Rick has managed to worm his way into his heart out of some sort of bizarre wolf bond and need for comradely companionship. Standoffishness doesn't stop him from developing easy attractions towards the female sex, however, to the detriment of either the woman in question or himself when ultimately they find out dating a werewolf is a shitty idea. It is an oft repeated mistake, despite himself, but while it lasts, he's very caring - almost stiflingly so.


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