Sushi Anyone

IC Time: March 29, 2007
Location: La Push - First Beach: Shoreline
Synopsis: Micah's first meeting with Emma.
Submitted by: Micah

It is another one of those days in Washington. A dreary overcast sky filled with rain heavy clouds, their contents threatening to be released at any moment. The sun fighting against them, attempting to pierce their heavy gray blanket, but each attempt is thwarted quickly. Near the shoreline of First Beach is a man, standing so close the cold waves lap against his bare feet. He is staring out into the ocean, seemingly drawn into its icy blue depths. His concentration never wavering as he stares out across the water, no hint of a chill as the waves continue to lap against his skin. He stands there dead calm, caught in a timeless thought, about what no one can be sure.

Emma crests over a rocky ridge, standing up to her full height as she peers down at the beach once again, toes curling against the stone. Spying the boy at the water's edge she keeps her eyes on him as she sets her backpack down on the ground and begins hopping silently from rock to rock making her way down towards the sandy area and the nearest tidepool. She moves fairly silently, though she's not making any attempt to actually be silent.

With a seemingly mournful sigh the young man closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath, the smell of the salty sea water piercing his senses as he shifts momentarily from side to side and slowly turns, his eyes darting down towards the forest, "…when." is all he mutters, a pleading tone to his voice as he continues to stare into the woods with a hopeful appearance. He slowly feels like someone is near, though not turning to see just who as this is a public beach. Instead he walks a few feet out of the waves that crest against his feet and tries to make it look like he is simply enjoying the day.

Emma takes a final hop and lands in the dirt, smiling as her toes dig in, looking down at them briefly before back up at the waterline and the lapping waves and mournful boy there, well almost a man, close enough. Taking a few steps to the tidal pool she squats next to it, peering down into it, with only the occasional watchful glance towards the ocean and its waves. She takes in a deep breath as her fingers brush the water before her.

With an almost unaware gesture, his hand raking through his mildly wet hair, the young man turns now. His eyes automatically scanning the area, bouncing around if doing a grid-like search of what he can see. His eyes finally rest on you, his brows furrow slightly as he cannot place your face, though these days there are many people coming into the area he does not know. His mind idly focuses on a better time, before his kin started to change, before the Cullens, but he shakes it off as that is the past. A smile crosses his lips as he once again looks in your direction, "Be careful." he says, his eyes darting to the loose rocks around the tide pools, "Don't want to fall in, I have done it before…it is not a pleasant experience." his hand once again brushes back his hair, rather to get it out of his face or as a nervous habit who knows.

Emma peers up from her crouch still tracing fingertips in an idle pattern in the water. Taking a few moments to respond she takes her time looking you over lips pursed slightly in thought before it seemingly parts into a smile, almost as an afterthought. "I will be careful." Her voice is a surprisingly low soprano, although a bit cracked as if she has strained it or hasn't talked in a while. Her eyes are resting on your feet and the waves lapping gently over them.

Smiling the young man nods, "Just saying, we have had a few accidents over the years. You would be amazed how many people tend to fall in while looking at all the little creatures in a tide pool." his voice is even, not exactly melodic, but with a sincere tone in it as he slowly walks towards you. His bare feet passing over the rocks with no problem, "Are you a tourist to our little area?" he asks, "While I don't get to Forks much these days I have never noticed you around these parts." his smile never wavers, his tone never falters, he seems to be genuinely inquisitive.

Emma shakes her head slowly, watching you approach, gaze eventually leaving your feet as you exit the cold water to reach your eyes, "Not a 'tourist'." She withdraws her fingers and flicks the excess water from them at the pool creating a little barrage of drops and their ripples which briefly catch her attention out of the corner of her eyes. As you get closer yet she stands fluidly nodding with your last statement as if in agreement, "Not from 'these parts'."

With a nod he looks at you, "Well. Let me offer my greeting to you then. Welcome to La Push." he looks around, "Not much to welcome you too, but it is our own little part of the world. I am Micah by the way, I live on the reservation." he turns slightly nodding towards the general area of his home. He turns back, taking in your general appearance and smiles, "If you ever need anything please feel free to let me know." while he is looking at you, and your various smudges of dirt, it is not a harsh look or one of disdain, it is simple recognition.

Pointing at herself just below the hollow of her throat, she speaks again "Emma." She watches your eyes taken in her appearance flushing just slightly. Rising from her crouch she nods slowly, "Hello Micah." She looks back over her shoulder at 'La Push' smiling. "It is very pretty there." then back to you over your shoulder, "Like here. Pretty here too."

With a nod Micah says, "Yes, people say that a lot. I guess since I have grown up around it my whole life it is less noticeable to me." his eyes shift across the landscape, "I will say the forest is quite breathtaking at times, especially if…or when…the sun decides to come out." his eyes glance up, the dark clouds forbidding any form of light to pierce them, and a light sigh crosses his lips.

Emma nods in agreement, "Sun makes things even prettier." She twists slightly to look back towards the forest over her shoulder, "So does Moon." Turning back towards you her gaze drops to your feet once again, "Feet not cold?" she tilts her head curiously and tosses in a smile, it looks a bit artificial or too practiced.

As if just realizing it he looks down and then back towards you, "Oh…guess I am too used to the temperature." he gives a slight smile, "I do not get cold much these days. And the waves felt too nice on my bare feet." he crunches his toes slightly, as if to hide them now that someone had brought attention to them, "And I do agree, a nice full moon does illuminate the forest quite well. I often take walks through it on those nights, though they say these days it is not too safe to venture out alone with all the things that have occurred recently."

Emma's eyebrows raise as your toes scrunch into the sand. Momentarily she closes her eyes taking in a deep breath, smiling at your mention of 'things' having occurred recently, bit fades pretty quickly to be replaced with a question, "Things?" Her hands sink into the worn out pockets on the back of her equally worn out pants. "Good things? Bad things?"

"Oh you know all the thin…" his voice trails off slightly, he is too used to talking to those who are 'in the know' so to speak and he quickly readdresses, "Oh just all the things. You know for a bit there we had a bear scare, but that is over with. I am unsure of the details but no one has been bothered lately. Most people are still on their guard though, especially if they go deep into the woods." his eyes cut to the emerald forest, with all its moss and life, and he thinks back to what it must be like to run through it as a wolf, to be free. A somewhat pained expression crosses his face as he does so.

Emma listens carefully to the super long string of words coming out of your mouth, and her concentration is becoming increasingly more obvious, eyebrows scrunching slightly, lips parted as if lost in focus, watching your lips, blinking silently. As she watches the pained expression cross your face she becomes a bit more animated, "Bear." She laughs quietly, almost like water over rocks, not quite hard not quite melodic. "Really?"

With a nod Micah says, "Yes. For a while there a few people came up missing, they chalked it up to a bear attack." even as he says it he knows it is a lie, he knows the truth, but he simply cannot say it. "Though there has not been one in a while so you do not have anything to worry about. But of course it is always better to be on your guard. You never know what could be in the forest, especially with the seasons shifting as they are right now. Lots of things waking up, somewhat grumpy and hungry." His inner thoughts focus more on the hungry aspect, and all the vampires which have begun to take up root in the local area.

Emma snorts, looking away towards the forest, "Bears do not make people go missing. They do not hide their food." She removes her hands from her pockets squatting to peer back into the tidal pool, her eyes watching the lazy motions of a fish not far below the surface. She reaches out slowly fingertips barely above the still surface. "Maybe mountain lion." she offers.

An inquisitive look crosses Micah's face, he takes in your words realizing you know quite a bit about wildlife and nods, "Like I said, that is what they said. The people in Forks placed it on bears, anyone that knows anything though, like you, knows it couldn't be. I was simply giving you the official story. But really who knows what it could have been. Just be careful." he says it all somewhat quick, as if trying to convince himself at the same time, "I mean we do not want you to come up missing, I am glad more…people…" he stresses the word slightly, "Are moving into Forks. We need some fresh blood in the area."

Emma peers up at you, the fish forgotten, her nostrils flare briefly producing a confused expression on her face. Abruptly she stands up and steps towards you, very close and reaches out towards your face to touch it, her only response is the beginnings of a quiet chuckle, "Emma will not go missing unless she wants to." Her fingertips are mere millimeters from your cheek as she steps even closer.

<Shadow Stalkers> Emma says, "Is there a wolf inside there? Hmmmmm?"

Standing there, frozen in place as you reach closer, Micah just stares at you momentarily, "It is better to be cautious though…" he cuts himself off, his face flushes some though it is not visible underneath his russet skin tones. He knows the heat his body emits has to be palpable, luckily he is ready with the normal 'I'm sick' excuse he has used so many times so he does not move to prevent your touch, "The people on the reservation feel the same way, we are not really worried that much either, we know these lands and the wildlife on it well enough to know where to go and where not to."

Emma lays first her fingertips, then her palm against your hot face, as she finishes stepping in body brushing against yours, she sniffs slowly from your shoulder to your ear, along your neck. Abruptly she freezes momentarily and steps back, looking very confused, and beginning to flush slightly with embarrassment. "I sorry. Thought." She makes an angry dismissive motion with her hand and turns away from you, taking a few steps away from you. As if your words have finally reached her she doesn't glance back as she usually does but simply asks, "Are all Indians as knowing?"

Not affected much by the touch, though the sniffing reminded him much of the pack as he eyes you curiously. He thinks for a moment, placing his thoughts in the back of his mind for later, and hrms slightly, "Not all. No. Some of us though are taught more traditional ways. I just happen to be one of those people…" his hand comes up to brush his hair back and he smiles, "My parents insisted on me learning the old ways. It is an intriguing study mind you, but I would rather be out having fun." a small mischievous smile plays across his lips, "And do not worry about it. I have been outside all day I am sure I have a bit of a smell to me." though his thoughts do go back to the posture, the movements, and he just smiles.

Still not turning around just yet, Emma sighs. Bending down to pick up a smallish rock she does turn around to hurl it out into the waves. As she catches your mischievous smile she tilts her head slightly, "Maybe you tell me of the old ways?" The splash of the rock is lost in the distance and over the crashing of the surf as the tide begins to work its way inward. She seems resigned and slightly curious at this point though she avoids your gaze directly.

"Well, most of our customs are kept in the tribe. But I have personally been taught quite a bit…" he looks around, "Mainly tracking, hunting, and the more normal things like most Quileute boys I guess. Though I do have some knowledge they lack." he questions your avoidance for a moment but shakes it off, "I have good grasp on plants and herbs, healing things I guess you could say. That was actually fun to learn, and of course all of our stories and myths…" and of course the truths to those myths, but he does not say that, "I know it is important to learn all these things, to pass them down, but sometimes it gets a bit much…I mean I am only 16. I should be out having fun like all the other guys." his demeanor changes slightly, just for a moment, before he reigns any negative emotions in and gives his normal warm smile again.

Emma settles down on one of the rocks nearby as she peers up at you, listening. She doesn't interrupt though it looks like she might at several points, though those points don't seem to be places to actually ask anything. As if going completely off topic is the normal she vaguely gestures with one hand at you, "You are very hot." She watches you carefully as she makes the very belated and off topic statement. She definitely like she's ready with some follow ups, leaning slightly towards you.

For a brief moment there is a look of surprise as you mention his body temperature, he was expecting it at an earlier time, but he quickly composes himself, "Yeah I am getting over a cold…" he says his normal excuse without realizing he was standing out in the cold, barefoot, with water rushing up his legs, "…I thought the temperature had passed so I decided to come out and enjoy a bit of time at the beach, I guess it has come back though." his attempt to save the lie is pretty poor but he stands by it no matter what.

"You are a bad liar." She seemingly dismissive the subject, however and poses another question taking a moment to phrase it, "I think, maybe, learning those things is lots more important than having fun." She glances away towards the forest, though she can just see the treetops from this position, adding slightly mournfully her eyes pointed at the trees but not seeing them, off somewhere far away, "But. It would be bad to not have fun with your p.. friends."

Letting out a slight grin Micah can see this woman knows far more than she lets on herself. He follows her gaze momentarily and then says, "True. But like they say, you only get to be young once. It is hard to balance both things, but I try. It just wears down on you after a time." he ponders for a moment, "..yeah. I do have a lot of really close friends, people I consider more like family than anything else. But sadly I am not mature enough to have too much fun with them, one day though I hope I can. When I grow up a bit. It is horrible being a kid when everyone around you is already mature and out doing things you only wish you could." his words are true, on face value, and also within their hidden message. Putting his words this way so anyone who is truly knowledgeable will understand both sides of it.

Emma smiles vaguely listening to you quietly. As if lagged slightly towards the end she shrugs slightly, taking in a deep breath as she stands up once again. Apparently she can't stand to be in one position too long, at least not without a good reason to. "I think. Indians are different. Very different." She gestures at you again, using a tone of voice seems to express how sure she is, "You are older." She offers an apologetic smile as she walks back to the edge of the tidal pool already searching for that fish, "Yes. Different."

Micah hrms at the points stated and says, "Nah, I just hit a growth spurt is all. I will be seventeen this year though, and I will finally snag my driver's license. But yeah, still young…at heart and all. And I would not say we are that much different from other people. We simply have a more defined sense of where we came from." he looks out across the forest, "My people have been here for a very very long time. We live in harmony, or try to, with the world around us. It is what has helped us stay true to our beliefs and who we are." this last statement made in a voice not his own, subtle changes within its pattern, making him sound older, wiser, someone who he is not. He shifts slightly too, though simply out of habit, and looks at you as his face and voice change back, "Plus we have really great hair." a bit of levity to displace any seriousness in his words.

Emma looks back over her shoulder at the boy/man with 'really great hair'. "How old is Emma?" She looks back to the pool and doesn't hesitate as her hand plunges into the water and grasps the fish, withdrawing it from its natural element in one swift fluid motion, almost without a splash. As she begins to retrieve her arm, however, the grasp on her quarry is perhaps a bit too tight and it snaps out of her fingers straight up into the air. She watches it go up, already rising with it, slightly surprised at its slipperiness.

Is somewhat surprised by the quickness of the capture but his look of surprise becomes a look of amusement as the fish slips quickly from your hands. He holds back an urge to grab it as he states, "You? I do not know. Seventeen or Eighteen." his guess based on your appearance and size, "Maybe nineteen. Not sure. I have learned I am horrible at pinning down ages of people. It is one of the few things I am not good at." he gives a smile, obviously meaning it as a joke, and runs his hand through his hair.

Emma waits for the fish to get in range and instead of trying to grasp it again simply swats it so that it lands away from the pool. She waits for it to land in the dirt and begin thrashing about before heading over towards it, "Emma was 14." She glances back at you. "Indians different." Again, that assured of herself tone. "I look older?" she smiles slightly "That is good I'm thinking." Squatting down once again she picks the fish up by the tail and beats it against the ground a few times.

Watching you inquisitively Micah starts to speak but stares as you beat the fish against the ground, "If you are hungry I could get you something from town.." he looks at the poor fish, something of irony since he is a vegetarian…for now, "I do not have much money but I am sure I could get you something. Or maybe help you start a fire if you are set on eating that.." he points at the fish, "But like I said before, we are not really that different. We are simply more…in tune I guess you could say."

Emma picks up the pretty immobile fish at this point and wipes it on her pants leg before standing and heading back towards you, carrying it by the tail. She wrinkles her nose at the mention of food from 'in town'. Glancing down at the fish, then back at you she seems at a momentary loss. "I have money." seems to be what she thinks is the appropriate response at this point, for whatever reason. Her expression is one of mild annoyance. 'I don't cook fish." she draws the sentence out very slowly not quite sure she should be expressing that thought.

With an audible 'oh' Micah nods, "I hear sushi is good." he says with a slight chuckle, trying to not think about the eating of raw fish…or fish in general as he rakes his toes through the sand. A question burning in the back of his mind and he gives into asking it, "If it is not too personal Emma. Do you have a home you live in? Or are you…I mean. Do you live on the streets?" his facial expression is one of questioning but also caring as well. He was taught to aid anyone who needed help and it is a strong part of his nature, even to the point of his stance changing some, more of an accepting or worried stance than anything else.

Emma lets the fish dangle at her side in the grasp of one hand. It actually twitches once or twice, drawing her attention and dirty look at it. In between she regards you and drinks in your stand and words, "I prefer the forest." She begins walking back up the rocky slope towards where her backpack lays, taking any seemingly steep incline with a quick deft hop up onto it. Turning around about half way up she calls down, "Emma doesn't like houses." She seems to be lapsing in and out of third person for whatever reason. The expression of annoyance gaining dominance.

Micah takes in every movement you make, he has seen these types of deft leaps and grace many times but he does not say anything, though his curiosity is beginning to become a terrible pain in his mind, the question lodging itself in his throat and he physically coughs some, like that would help, "Oh. I understand. A sort of drifter?" his accusation is not said with any disdain, just simple curiosity, "Must be a tough life. Though some people might find it far better to be alone, than with others around. Never know what might happen at any given moment." his right eyebrow arches slightly as he tries to probe without being overly nosy.

The annoyed expression on Emma's face doesn't go away, if anything it intensifies, "I am not a drifter. I'm home." she almost spits the words out before turning around to take the last few hops with a deft swiftness and kneeling down beside her backpack undoing the buckle there to open the front flap. She slaps the fish down on the smooth rock next to it before glancing over her shoulder and down the rocky slope, "A tough life is being alone, without your brothers and sisters!" she calls down with an almost audible growling undertone.

Micah flinches slightly at the intensity of the words, and the growling. He knows all too well the temper of his friends to get any closer than he is. If he had phased, if he would finally become what he is supposed to, then maybe he would be more daring. But with things as they are he simply looks up at you, "True. But it can be lonely even with your family there, if you do not meet their expectations." he looks down at himself and then back up, "But they are family, and they are accepting no matter what. Sometimes being the odd one out can be hurtful even if they try to make you feel at home." he continues his prodding, but is more weary now of what might happen, and while outwardly his stance has not changed, he is still ready.

Emma withdraws a filleting knife from her pack momentarily. Shoving it back in she stands up and regards you silently, her expression slowly melting as she takes in some deep breaths. "I'm sorry. You are just….. " Her hands find their way to her hips, and she sways slightly searching for the right word. Apparently she gives up because she chooses, "… stupid." She shrugs helplessly. She drops her hands from her hips and begins lazily making her way back down leaving the fish up next to her backpack. "Really. You are so very caught up in your own misery and too dumb to see the good things." She pauses on way down rather surprised at her vocabulary.

Micah is taken aback by your statement, most would consider him quite intelligent. He would probably fully understand the implications of the comment, if he gave it time to sink in, but he doesn't and says, "I am not too dumb to see the good things. I see them all around me. I however also see the bad things as well." he pauses for a moment and sighs, "…you do not know. You couldn't. How hard it is to be me right now. Sorry if I come off as being negative, or miserable. But if you only knew what I am going through at this moment in time you would think differently." he absent mindedly rubs his skin, wishing he could feel the heat, wishing he could simply become and not have to wish for it every day. His eyes set on you, the deep green glinting slightly with some untold truth…or untold pain. It is only there for a fleeting moment, a glimpse at what he goes through, and then it is gone. He gains control again and sighs once more.

Emma doesn't move any further down the slope towards you, instead watching you quietly for a minute or so. lips pursed tightly in thought. "Fine." She throws her hands up in the air and turns back around and takes a few hops up towards her fish and backpack, "Suffer. You like it." She shakes her head as she takes the last leap up to the backpack, "Told you Indians very different."

"I don't like to suffer, no one does." he takes a step or two forward, his eyes on you, "It is just complicated…" his mind burning, he knows, or he suspects greatly what you are. He sighs, "Some of us…I mean…everyone I know. All my friends, are different from me. I am being held back for some reason. My growth has become retarded and no one knows why." his voice has a hint of sorrow and pleading in it, "It is hard when your family and friends become something greater than you, leave you behind in more ways than one. I know you understand what I am saying, I simply cannot directly say it. It is against our beliefs and rules. But I am not stupid and I do not like to suffer, I simply do."

Emma turns to face down the slope once again, crouching this time, balancing on her fingers as she leans forward, "No. Indian. You are different." She takes in a deep breath taking in the scents around her. "Your friends and family become greater. My friends and family I left behind, to save them." She lowers her gaze, taking deep breaths once again, as she looks back down at you she shifts and sits drawing her knees up to her chin. "Then don't say it. The secret is best kept even from friends and family."

"Maybe we are different after all. We stay close to our family and friends. We protect them and our land." he looks around, into the forest, "It is our duty, or tradition…." he looks back to you, some form of sorrow or sadness in his eyes. The look though is not his own, but directed at or for you, "I am sorry you had to leave your people behind. While I would get away from my own…I do not think I would be able to just up and leave..not for good at least." He walks a few feet, letting the waves once again rush up to meet his feet and turns his head slightly to the side to look at you.

Peering down at you Emma uncurls and reaches behind her to retrieve the fish and the knife. Setting the fish down in front of her she begins gutting it with the knife, setting the sheath aside. She doesn't exactly raise her voice but makes sure it carries well enough, "More bears come. I would get your people ready if you want to stay with them." She firmly chops off the head of the fish and begins filleting it. "Many bears, not golden eyed bears." She pauses to watch you intently her head tilted slightly her expression very anxious.

Micah looks at you for a moment, taking your words in, and nods. "I see. That news is not what I was hoping to hear, but I know a few of my kind welcome the chance to go hunting." he turns away from the dismemberment of the fish and says, "Though I would hope that the bears which are already here may not like the new ones that much either, I hope they might hunt them for themselves." he thinks idly to the Cullens, "But I will tell my people your words. I am sure a change is on the horizon…for all of us." he thoughts focus on what he will do to help, even if he must force the change.

Emma gets the fish whittled down to all but the fillets and begins picking at one of them, popping a piece in her mouth. She closes her eyes chewing carefully before swallowing, "Bears don't attack bears. If they did…. bears would constantly be killing bears. Don't expect help from the Golden - Eyed bears." She chuckles at the absurdity of this turn in the conversation as she picks another piece of fish from the mess in front of her holding it to her lips, "Maybe you should look for help from other packs of wolves?"

"You never know." he says, the sound of you eating causes him to turn and look at you, his eyes full of sincerity, "I personally like the golden eyed bears. Some of my family does not…" his thoughts turn to Sam and a few of the others but he quickly composes himself, "But I do not have a problem with them, one could learn a lot from them. And it is not unheard of, my people and the bears have allied before. And if trouble were to come, I am sure they would once again call us friend." his expression does not change, but close inspection might show a hint of respect in his tone and gaze for them.

Emma pops the piece of fish into her mouth savoring it before chewing. "Your choice. I would make plans fast. Just yesterday I chased a hungry bear away from one of your own people cooking meat outside his home." She swallows, shrugging slightly as her fingers tear another piece of fish. "I have never met golden-eyed bears before. Yet even that one bear seemed to be carrying a large burden." She frowns as she recalls that particular memory.

Micah ponders this, knowing he will have to inform the pack to patrol more as he nods, "Thank you for that. It is nice to know there are more people out there that we can call friend. Especially during these trying times." his voice once again takes on an older tone to it, as if he is reciting something from memory, "I am sure when the time comes though, we will be prepared. And I know of the golden eyes well, though my dealings with them have been quite sparse. I hope that will change here shortly though. They have much knowledge that I seek regarding medicine and healing." his words, to anyone who knows vampires, might seem odd. Using the words medicine and healing and attributing those to them, but that is what he seeks and hopes he will obtain.

Emma continues eating silently for a few minutes, occasionally sucking her fingertips. "Your choice. Bears are bears in the end." She wipes her fingers on her pants finished for the moment. "Maybe you are right. Maybe not. Turns of the moon will tell." She bends down to pick up the knife also wiping it on her pants before sheathing it and stuffing it back into her pack. "I only met one golden eye. She was…" she frowns once again at the memory, "…. trying to be nice." She straightens, lifting the backpack with her and sliding it over one shoulder.

Micah watches you closely as you shoulder your backpack and nods somewhat, "Our beliefs are our own. Just know, you have to have some faith in others sometimes. That is why I trust them, well the ones I know. They will not harm us." he takes his feet out of the water and stretches some, "But maybe that is just me. I am training to bridge relationships after all. I guess the friendship I feel towards them might be a part of that." He gives you a warm smile though, a caring smile, "But you know. If you ever need anything just ask. I come here quite often." he looks at the beach, a few beams of light escaping the clouds and sparkling off the water.

Emma nods gravely. "Just remember bears don't kill bears." She resettles her backpack on her shoulder, tightening it by slipping a hand under the strap. She stands up straighter. "Be well, Micah. May you always know the love of your friends and family." She smiles at the dramatic moment, glancing up at the rays of sunshine that seems to be fizzling after their nice dazzling display. It's Washington, after all.

Micah nods towards you, "Like I said, if you need something know you have at least one friend." he says with a reassuring smile on his face. He turns slightly and starts walking up the path to the road, obviously already thinking of what was said this day and as he tops the path he looks back, that same smile on his face, "And be safe. I would hate to lose someone I consider a friend. And know that I will tell my people of your words, we won't forget your assistance." and with that he goes back to walking toward the road, a look of questioning on his face.

Emma watches you go for a few minutes before turning and heading back the way she came, following the beach as best she can as she heads out of La Push territory towards either Forks or Port Angeles.

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