Tambrey Callidus
Portrayed by Aria Giovanni
Full name Tambrey Linaeve Callidus
Birthday February 14
Species Human
Age 17
Height 5'10"
Weight 160lbs
Eyes brown
Hair dark brown
Power none
Parents Walter Callidus, NPC, father, law prof in Seattle. Evelyn Callidus nee Winters, NPC, mother (BCIS teacher at FHS)
Siblings Richard Callidus, 31, married. Lilly Callidus, 15, with Walter in Seattle
Occupation Student


Tambrey's life began in Port Angeles on February 14, 1990. Her mother, Evelyn, and her father, Walter, had been together for quite a while beforehand, and had given birth to one son, Richard, in that time period. Married since they were in their 20s, the law professor and business professor had begun teaching at the University of Washington in Seattle. In the fourteen years between Richard's birth and Tambrey's, the pair decided to move to Port Angeles and Peninsula College. Given the college didn't offer actual law courses of any form, however, Walter wound up moving to reclaim his job in Seattle.

There would be one other daughter for the duo before they began to succumb to the stresses of living apart. Evelyn didn't like big-city life, while Walter did. Richard went off on his own before Tambrey was even really old enough to start school, and thus she never really had that close a relationship. She was closest to her sister, Lilly, however, though it didn't seem so at first. In typical fashion, the two sisters fought horribly until they were older, in their mid to late teens.

Evelyn worked and came home in the afternoons to take care of her daughters, while their father saw them on the weekends. It was more or less a happy life for Tambrey, though she was a little more sheltered than others her age due to her mother's growing fear of leaving them alone for long with strangers. She had her friends in school, learned to read from a very young age, and took part in birthday parties as well as school activities. She never went to kindergarten, but instead began directly in first grade. Always intelligent and a little shy, for most of her formative years she had her nose in a book and preferred it that way. By fourth grade, she had her first crush on a boy that never panned out, and made quite good grades. Junior high and high school came without boyfriends (her choice), and with the usual juvenile dramas, before the world decided to change on her.

It was in her sophomore year of high school that her mother and father, who had been arguing more and more over the years, decided to divorce. It wasn't a cut and dried thing, unfortunately, given the amount of money that had been involved (he made over $200,000 a year and she made about a fourth of it with her job). It dragged out for a year, with claims of adultery and other matters, and finally the custody hearing for who would get the two girls happened. They would share it, with the two going to their father on the weekends if they didn't want to live with him. Lilly decided to do so, but Tambrey didn't want to leave her mother alone. Her mother, in spite, moved them away from Port Angeles to make it harder for Walter to get to her, given Tambrey only had one year left before she would be an adult and able to do for herself.

Now facing her last year of high school in unfamiliar surroundings, Tambrey is nonetheless comforted by the fact Port Angeles isn't that far from Forks, and therefore she's still more or less a native. It has still rattled her future plans, however, especially given her mother has gone from professorship to teaching BCIS at the high school in Forks.

Timeline and Current Plots

The only thing that's happened thus far:

October 16, 2007, Lunch Time: Senior Tambrey Callidus goes to Forks High School for the first time since her mother moved them here to take the suddenly-open BCIS teaching position at the school. She meets a cadre of people whose motives and sanity she questions, and then a white bear shows up at the cafeteria. It behaves in a gentle fashion, however, and licks Tambrey's face, causing her to feel sorry enough for it to try and get it out of the cafeteria before it's shot. Unfortunately, her good intentions backfire as the bear manages to duck and get her onto its back, and make off with her into the forests - just as a shot rings out from a policeman and hits the bear, wounding it. Talk about your wild first days…..

And it's only just started, given the poor girl and bear wind up in La Push together before said white bear collapses in exhaustion. It walks off into the woods, leaving Tambrey alone in the woods…..


Intelligent, physically active, and mostly cheerful. She's your average teenager with a sarcastic wit at times, and her own insecurities. She's fairly extroverted when it comes to things she enjoys doing, but otherwise she's just as happy to read a book as she is to attend a party. This isn't to say that she doesn't have a temper. In fact, she does. She's not particularly interested in politics, despite her lineage as the daughter of a law professor, and has a code of ethics that's all her own. She feels awkward enough given her body is the way it is now that she's finished growing. If anything will set off her temper, it's having people talk to her chest rather than her face when she doesn't know them well. She may not have much experience with fighting, but she can and will throw a punch or a slap if she thinks it's necessary or she's pushed too far.


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