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Full name Tayren Leonardo Savaras
Birthday March 18 1917
Species Werewolf
Age 90 years old
Height 6'3
Weight 180
Eyes Blue-green
Hair Golden blonde
Power Possesses survival skills taught to him by his father, and able to sense when something in a natural environment is disrupted unnaturally.
Parents Leonardo Savaras (father) Lilia Savaras (mother)
Siblings Simon Savaras (brother), Melina Savaras (sister)
Occupation Homeless


Tayren was born in a log cabin in the woods of Montana, to a happy family. Tayren was the oldest and first born and was the biggest of the three children the couple would have. His sister would be born three years after him, and his brother six years after her. This was how Tayren began his life in the world.

Tayren was always large for his age. By the time his sister was born, he was already as big as a four year old, and by the time his brother was born, he was helping around the house. When he was young, his parents would tell Tayren that the reason why he grew so big and strong was to take care of his sister and brother, and so he placed it upon himself to do just that.

As Tayren grew, he helped his parents with much more harder tasks. They lived alone and grew everything they needed and hunted for the rest, choosing to live away from town. Tayren grew up to be a strong young man, able to hunt and survive in the wilds which he called home, and he couldnt ask for a happier life.

When Tayren was 15 he went hunting as he did with his father and when they brought down some deer, a bear came to take the food from the two hunters. Tayren tried to fight the bear off but he wasnt strong enough and when the bear slashed at his face, making a deep cut along the rightside of his face and when he thought it was the end, his father managed to shoot it in the eye to bring it down. They took the deer home and the bear pelt to make a blanket.

When Tayren turned 24, he was out hunting in the woods when he found a pack of wolves larger then normal wolves. He watched them carefully, watching as one of them left the pack to wander off, and tried to kill the wolf, to turn it's pelt into a nice blanket for his sister and brother. He shot it with his father's gun and saw it did little to stop it. It turned on him and bit at the back of his neck, trying to rip his neck out but he jabbed it's eye with the barrel of his gun and backed away. By then the pack had heard him, and surrounded him. He kept his rifle raised but strangely enough, they began to walk away.

Tayren tried to make his way back home but the bite along his neck burned more with each passing hour and when he could see his home, he collapsed, blacking out. When he awoken, he was in the woods, near a cavern with people around him. He started to reach for whatever he could grab but a voice called out to him. "Dont worry for your safety. Your a brother now." One of the people said as he approached. It was then they explained to him that they were the wolves he had encountered the day before, That he had shot one of the new pack members hence why he attacked. They explained what he was and what he could become.

At first he couldnt believe it but when the full moon had came and he transformed, he knew that somehow they were telling the truth. It took him five years to be able to control the wolf and primal instincts, infact some of his own personality adapted the instincts to himself, having spent most of his life hunting and surviving. He would stop by his home to watch his family but he never returned, knowing he couldnt explain what had happened. One night he intended to return when the tragedy had happened.

A being his people called vampires, cold ones, struck his home, attacking his parents and siblings. His pack tried to intervene, to protect the humans whom shared their home but it was a trap to lure the pack. after a long and bloody battle with a group of vampires, the alpha of his pack ordered him to run, to keep the pack alive. Tayren, not liking leaving his new family to die, did not defy his alpha and ran, managing to outrun the vampires, mostly because of his wolf speed and him knowing the woods.

He returned and hid downwind, to watch as his pack was slaughtered. This brought him a great rage. When the vampires left, he returned to the area where the bodies of the wolves were burned and swore on their remains that all vampires would pay for the great sin they had committed. He hid in the wilds, wandering the wilds to try and find more wolves.

When Tayren began his search, it was 1946, and it wasnt until 2007 when he heard of a wolf pack in the town of La Push. Thinking this was the chance to redeem himself for running, he begins his journey for La Push.

Timeline and Current Plots


Tayren is primal in nature. He is protective of those whom are his kin and family, and hates all vampires. He wasnt raised how to be the smartest yet while he may not have been educated, he does pick up on things quick. To those he views as friends, he is warm and loyal, willing to lay down his life for their safety. To his enemies he is a hateful creature who revels in their pain and destruction.


Name Relation Notes
Tambrey Close Friend Tambrey found him when he first came into Forks. She was the one who had him bathe and dress in normal clothes. He feels it is his duty to protect her.
Holly Friend While Tayren only met Holly once, He thought she was alright. He only hopes more humans are this nice to him.
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