Portrayed by Julia Stiles
Full name Tecoah Marlyn Wood
Birthday September 16
Species Werewolf
Age 21
Height 5' 7"
Weight 140lbs
Eyes Blue-gray
Hair Dark blonde with burgundy streaks
Power Drinks like a fish
Parents Richard Wood: A lawyer in Port Angeles; Amber Wood: Elementary school teacher
Siblings Thomas 'Tommy' Wood, age 11; Rachel Wood, age 1
Occupation Peninsula College Student


Born in Dallas, Texas to a struggling law student and his long time girlfriend, Tecoah's early years were a struggle for her family. Her mother had to work two jobs trying to support the family and her father worked a and went to UT Dallas full time, so young Coah spent most of her formative years in the care of her maternal grandmother. When her father finally graduated from college, Tecoah was five years old. Then, it was her mother's turn. It took another four years for her mother to graduate, but by that time her father was able to support the family with his job in a large law firm in Dallas. Since he felt he was able to support his family, the couple finally got married. When Tecoah was ten, her younger brother Tommy was born and her mother decided that she wanted to get out of the city. Her father had worked up quite the reputation by this point and had been offered a position at a firm in Oklahoma City.

The family moved, but Tecaoh's mother still wasn't satisfied with living in such a big city, so she started hunting for a small town somewhere in the US where she could be happy. It took her several more years, during which the family moved about every six months to a 'better' part of town, before her mother found an old college friend living in La Push. They were moved again before the year was out, gone to nearby Forks, Washington. Tecoah was fifteen, a sophomore in high school, and Tommy was five, just about to start kindergarten. Her mother got a job as a teacher at the elementary school and her father opened a small law firm of his own in Port Angeles.

Tecoah wasn't the most popular girl at Forks High School, but she wasnt a total outcast, either. Honestly, some of her friends were probably only friends with her because her father's firm did so well and he insisted on buying his family whatever they wanted as compensation for him working so much. In due time, Tecoah graduated from high school and decided that she wanted to stay close to her family instead of going away to college. She started attending the community college in Port Angeles, commuting with her dad, and got a part time job at the cinema to give herself a little extra spending money. She's already taken all of her core subjects and her mother is starting to pressure her to apply to a 'real' university and get a degree, but she's dragging her feet at the thought of leaving the town that she's grown to love more than anywhere she's ever lived before. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that her mother recently gave birth to a little girl and she doesn't want to miss seeing her baby sister grow up?

Timeline and Current Plots

December 23, 2007 - She sees her best friend turn into a wolf for the first time
December 25, 2007 - She finds out that Anastasia is a vampire
December 30, 2007 - She is bitten by Cain and becomes a werewolf
January 3, 2008 - She manages to stand on two legs again
January 5, 2008 - She gets beaten up by Stasia
January 6, 2008 - She moves into one of Abbey's spare bedrooms


Tecoah can be very moody, but then, what woman isn't? Around friends, she tends to let her mood swings have free reign, but she tries to be more circumspect around those that don't know her as well. She likes to party and can usually be found down on First Beach with a bunch of friends and a cooler of booze when she's not studying or working. She is an adrenaline junkie and loves to go cliff diving with some of her more daring La Push friends. Though wiry, she still loves to play full contact football with the guys and is quick enough that she doesn't get hurt very often. She suspects that there's something going on with some of the Quileute kids, but it's not something she can put her finger on and that irritates her. She feels that she has to stay in Forks for her friends and, more specifically, her mother, but she doesn't resent it. Not very much, anyway. She's usually soft spoken and gentle around those she doesn't know very well, which can make new acquaintances think that she's stuck up until they get to know her.

She is an alcoholic, but you'll never hear her admit that.


Name Relation Notes
Charlie Police Chief In the last few months, she's seen Chief Swan more than she'd like to when she would be brought into the station for driving drunk.
Amber Wood Mother She finds her annoying and very controlling most of the time, but doesn't think the older woman would be able to get by if she were to move away to continue her education.
Richard Wood Father She wants to be close to her dad, but isn't sure how since he works all the time. He buys things for her and her younger siblings rather than trying to spend quality time with them, trying to buy their love.
Tommy Wood Brother She feels very protective of him, even if he does do everything in his power to annoy her on a regular basis.
Rachel Wood Sister She may complain about having to babysit her baby sister all the time, but she really does adore the little girl and would protect her with her life.
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