Theresa Yamamoto
Theresa Yamamoto
Actress Ling Bai as Theresa
Fullname Hanako Mao Yamamoto, Nickname Theresa
Birthday October 16th, 1700
Species Vampire
Age Appears early twenties, real age closer to 300 years old
Height 5'5
Weight 120-130ish
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Power Agrokinesis, or the ability to control plants.
Parents Mother: Haruko Fudo Inoue, Father: Koji Aoi Yamamaoto, both deceased.
Siblings Brothers: Keiji, Seiji, Sisters: Ai, Hiro, and Suzu. All deceased
Occupation Volturi Guard


Hanako was born in the year 1700 on October 16th in Japan within the Kyoto region. Her family was well known, but not for her father's trade, more so her mothers. Her mother Haruko Fudo Inoue was a well known Gesiha within the Kyoto region, and once she was married she had to quit being a Gesiha. Hanako being the first daughter followed in her mother's footsteps to become a Gesiha as well. Schooling to become a Gesiha is anything but easy, and Hanako found out first hard what hard labor was. Along with doing all chores within the Geish House she also went to school to learn different studies. During this time Hanako seemed to have a natural talent when it came to plants, she could make anything grow and some say she was a plant herself in sprit so other plants would 'listen' and thrive under her care. She became an expert in the art of both bonsai trees and Ikebuna.Time passed, slowly it seemed to Hanako and like all children she grew into an adult and before she knew it was time for her Mizu-age ritual which is when she could be considered and called a Gesiha. Like her mother she was starting to be well known among all in Kyoto an when word got out about the ritual many came to see about it. The final man to put up the most money was known as Ronin Sato, said to from a line of Samurai warriors and well known throughout Kyoto and other regions around it. With the deal done Hanako was set to start the life of a Gesiha once the ritual was over, little did she know that Ronin was in fact a vampire. Ronin was a secretive man, some say he dealt in the black arts and too be warey of anyone who only traveled in shadows which many said he did. The Okaa-San at Hanako's Geish House did not seem bothered by this and let the two carry out the ritual. Because no one would bother the pair during this time no one knew what was going on, Ronin was quick to turn Hanako and while she was gripped in the pain of the venom he was able to steal her away during the night and took her to a home he had far away from Kyoto.

Hanako had no idea what happened, she woke weeks later in darkness and chained o the floor of the room she was in. All she knew was that there was a burning in her throat, and the most basic instinct kicked in, the need to feed. Ronin had moved Hanako to the outskirts of society, back into the wilds knowing very well that a newborn would cause havoc on any city. He also knew that when she awoke that she would feed, and being the caring master that he was he set two of his servants too the room where Hanako was. The chains did little to control the new vampire and within moment both servants were dead and drained of blood. Fear and rage clouded Hanako's mind once she was able to stop the burning within her and this is when Ronin came and explained to her just what was going on. At first she did not believe him, but it did not take long for her to see that he was indeed telling the truth. When she asked him why he had done this too her, he said he wanted no one else to touch her, and that she would be his for the rest of time. Even though Ronin cared for her, and took care of her she did nothing but hate and loathe the man that turned her into a monster. For a long time she felt she was a monster, a killer something that was not suppose to be. Ronin did his best to appease her and try to show that it was not such a bad thing, being able to stay beautiful and live forever at the same time. Hanako never saw it this way until many many years later. Some small form of humanity stayed with Hanako and she did not leave the safety that Ronin had created for her, she had fear of harming people she knew and she was never without as long Ronin was there. Years passed and during this time she slowly gained control of her need around people, she also used her talents and training she had to become a Geshia to find easier ways to find a meal when Ronin was not around. She was beautiful by all standers before being turned and after she found it even easier to turn men's heads which she started to enjoy. Hanako finally was able to actually be a Geshia ten years after her mizu-age ritual. She fit the part perfectly and wearing many layers under her kimono no one was able to actually feel how cold or rock hard she was, and whenever she might have touched someone with a hand no one seemed to notice how cold she was as she had their attention elsewhere.

While more years passed some quickly others slowly Hanako being to see that along with the normal vampire abilities that surpassed any human there was something else she could do that no other could. She still had a love for plants, even more so now as she was not living and breathing herself, they made her feel wanted and she didn't have to worry about hurting them. Not that feeding off rich men ever bothered her to start with, because she felt they all deserved their fate when they started flaunting their money around to get attention. Plants still responded to her as they did when she as alive, though now she noticed how trees seemed too responded too her more than ever. She merely had to think, and if the tree in question was in a good mood, or giving mood it obeyed her. This started out slowly, small trees she was able to contort and twist in the making of bonsai merely by touching them and thinking what they should do in her mind. Not all plants were eager to her whims, and many over the years have refused to be controlled. Ronin was still at her side through all this, and over the years Hanako had learned to merely deal with him. She refused his advances, which only angered him more until one day when she refused he attacked her. The two fought, and in the end Hanako won, though with help from a rather old tree that on the verge of dying itself, and just happen to be near the pair. The tree curled itself around Ronin, tying its branches in knots around his limbs and with the older vampire screaming Hanako lit the tree on fire with Ronin as well. She had finally got her revenge on the one to turned her nearly a hundred years before, and she watched him burn all through the night and into the next day. On her own Hanako left Japan with little belongings and traveled over much of Asia, she didn't have to work hard for a meal as she was able to find men who wanted a pretty little companion for the night to flaunt in front of their friends. She never overfed in one place, taking more then she needed would have drawn too much attention. Meeting up with other vampires over the years was troublesome, still she was always polite and never stepped on anyone's toes, if they wanted her gone she left without a fuss. At the start of World War Two she found herself near China, and this is where she was able to feed without drawing any suspicion. Dying soldiers where easy pickings and it didn't matter to her which side they happened to be on.

With the war over she had to move on, she spent too much time in China, though through it all she had fun. Seducing men with money, and picking off others that wouldn't be missed was a easy life for her, and a rather awarding one. She kept bank accounts in different major cities, and over the years she found ways of getting the money, claiming and having papers made showing that her grandmother, who was really herself left the money to her whenever she needed to make a withdrawal. In 1965 she made her way into Europe and started on the same track she used in Asia. She would start a small business of sorts where she would be a companion for any man who wished to have some pretty lady as arm candy for a party, or show. During her travels here is when other vampires started to take extreme interest in her and what she was doing. She had heard about a certain group of vampires in Italy that saw themselves as the leaders of vampires so she kept herself out of Italy for a rather long time. At times she hooked up with European Nomads, they helped each other and she didn't have a problem with it at the time. In 1990 she finally got to meet the Volturi, she was traveling through Italy on her way to Spain and was traveling close to Tuscan and ran into a few that seemed to have been waiting for her. She was brought back to the coven, as they said they wished to talk to her, and she should not refuse. After some rather long talks, and a few things that she isn't fully sure just how it happened she found herself part of the Volturi coven, and after a few years part of the guard. Ever since then she has been making sure other vampires follow the rules, and if not then she pays them a visit to change their mind. When Hanako joined the Volturi she changed her name to Theresa, a way for her to start a new chapter in her life. While she is older than some in the coven she does not wish for a title, or anything that comes in the way of power. Perhaps one day she will change her mind, but at the moment she is happy in how things are turning out.

Now she has been sent to Forks to find out what is going on with the local vampire population and why rumors of trouble are spreading like wildfire in the little sleepy town once again.


Theresa is a rather interesting vampire when it comes to her personality. She can at one moment act like a normal and leveled headed person, though if something was to make her mad this could change in a matter of seconds too her not fully thinking clearly too her acting out harshly towards whatever has caused her mood to sour. Many in the Volturi have said she was a trustworthy individual, if anyone ever needed to talk she would always listen. Being older and to some degree wiser many of the younger vampires look up to her in like an older sister type of view. Which she doesn't mind in the least, she gets to find out interesting things in the long run. She isn't known for any problems with death, in fact she sees it as just part of life, everyone lives and everyone must die and if they must die to feed a vampire they at least died for another to live. Not that she goes around hunting down all people. For a vampire she does have a caring side at times, but this is rarely ever seen as she feels that she must put up a strong front and show she is no weakling.


Name Relationship Description
Ronin Sato Turned her Ronin was the first vampire that Hanako ever met, he was the one that put up the largest amout of money for her during the Mizu-age ritual which would allow her to be called a Gesiha. She never was able to do this seeing how she was turned that very night. Years later Hanako had her revenge and killed Ronin. Hanako now only kills men and they tend to have to be wealthy or unspoiled to some degree in her eyes.
Algernon Marlowe Acquaintance As Hanako is in the Volturi so is Algernon and this is how they know each other. She considers him a friend.
Dante Moretti Acquaintance/Friend/Lover Another that is in the Volturi guard, they have a past that is close to lovers and while she cares for him more then other she does not let it harm there working relationship.
Lev Krinov Acquaintance A vampire that she met in Forks. She finds him interesting for some reason, though at the same time she finds the need to keep a close eye on him.
Stasia Friend/Coven Mate Ever since the pair met up there friendship has only grown. Now being part of the say coven Theresa tends to try and look out for Stasia when she is able..

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