Thyme Jones

What happens when your parents suck? I happen, so stop staring at me and go home and play Candy Land with your brats.

Portrayed by America Ferrera
Full name Thyme Jones
Birthday September 1, 1987
Species Shifter
Age 19
Power Nerdiness; shifting
Parents Father - ran off; mother - alcoholic
Siblings Winky the stuffed wolf; lots of cousins - feel free to app one!
Occupation Nursing student


A native fresh off the reservation at La Push, Thyme (pronounced time) is the only daughter of a construction worker who took off when she was a child and an unemployed alcoholic. Thyme was a straight-A student through High School, though she had few close friends. After she finished school, Thyme had to stay home and care for her mother, who had degenerated into something akin to a child. Thyme picked up her mother's old job at the Historical Center, offering tours, lectures, and selling gift items.

Thyme turned 18 and was finally listed by the IRS as no longer dependant, which means she was able to draw her own check from them each month. Using this money to buy her mother a live-in hospice, Thyme was able to attend the local college, where she is now studying nursing.

What Thyme doens't know is that, on her father's side, she is a shifter. Her life has been one long stressor, as opposed to a single pinnacle event, so she has no idea yet what she is, or what she is capable of. All she knows is that when her father dropped her off at 4 a.m. wrapped in a blanket at the end of their road, he gave her Winky, the stuffed wolf, and sent her on the two mile walk home when she never saw him again. Winky may have more to do with her future than she realizes.


Thyme is an archetypal Nurterur. This is to say, she likes helping people - to an extent. She hates helping her mother for personal reasons, but does it out of a sense of duty and responsibility. After dealing for most of her life with a blatent drunk, Thyme has gotten used to speaking her mind - sometimes painfully so an with language like a sailor. She has also seen some of the worst things a human body can endure, so don't be surprised to hear her humor be a bit dark.

Still, she is a fun-loving young woman, though her fun is rather innocent. Taking care of her mother put a strong dent in her social life growing up, and as a result she is somewhat niave to the society of her own age. Unlike her mother, she is not a racist, but believes that life is what people make of it, and that everyone has hard times and needs a helping hand. Her goal in becoming a nurse is to have a stable enough life to be that helping hand. Her intentions may be more selfish than altruistic.


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