Tiago DaSilva
Tiago DaSilva
Portrayed by: Jesse Metcalfe
Fullname Tiago Gaspar Gilberto DaSilva
Birthday January 17
Species CotM
Age 19
Height 5'11"
Weight 167
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Power Not Applicable
Parents Maria DaSilva, Santiago DaSilva, Leo Magnuson (Possible Step Father)
Siblings Holly (Future? Step Sister)
Occupation Thug
Journal http://chiwolf.livejournal.com/


My story starts way back when, and it's quite the story to tell, I guess. I was born in Brazil in the main lands, away from all those awesome beaches and all, in a city called Anapolis. I don't remember much, but it was hard living there. We were poor - and I mean actually poor, not the fake-ass poor that people like to pretend to be in America. We never had a television or anything, I remember. You practically had to sit on the toilet to take a shower, the bathroom was so small, and it didn't even have a sink. My clothes were all hand-me downs from my cousins and all. It was dirty, and grimy.

And I loved it. I remember being out on the street every night with the kids on my street. I remember playing hide and seek in the middle of the night, and I remember playing football - I mean soccer - with my family while barefoot and it was awesome. We'd go around setting things on fire and generally be the kids that we were. It was cool - it was all I knew, and you know what, it was all I needed to know back then.

It all changed when I was about nine. I was playing with my friends, when we decided to try and make hot air balloons with the plastic bags we found all around us. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it caused a horrible fire. When my so-called friends were questioned, they all named me as the perpetrator. It was betrayal.

My neighborhood, or 'bahia', drove my family away for 'feiticaria', which is witchcraft in English. They said that I was the devil's child, and that our family was cursed, and wicked and evil. I lost all my so-called friends that day. But it's okay, I didn't need 'em. They sucked anyway. Anyway, we ended up moving to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil for a new beginning and I was told never, ever to mess with fire again.

Let me tell you, those old friends of ours had one thing right. We were cursed, me and my mom. My dad up and left. Just like that, without telling us or anything. He got half of his clothes, the family bicycle, and bolted. My mom figured we had enough of that cursed land too. Se she picked me up a couple months after and we tried to start anew - again. This time, in America.

Okay, crossing the border through Mexico is scary as hell, but we did it. We were hungry, starving, and had no money, but we managed. My mom liked Mexico - Spanish and Portuguese are close, see. She could communicate to Hispanics. So, she figured New Mexico would be a great place to settle down in. And, well, she was right. It made the move easier, being able to understand and talk to the people, even though they spoke a different language than us. We moved into the slums of Santa Fe.

You know, some people call gangsters and thugs and stuff evil. I don't. I think they're misunderstood. They were great to us. Got us fake papers, even helped find my mom a job as a cleaning lady. They were my friends. I learned English with them, and rolled with them, and when I was 14, I was officially initiated into their gang. It wasn't that big of a deal. I just had to take 'em beating me up for a bit. None of the wounds were that bad. They were impressed. I was faster than most everyone. So, while mom went to a nursing school to try and get a job in the nursing field, I was on the streets, in and out of high school. I'm good at stealing, turns out. I don't steal from small places, no way, but huge companies like Walmart and shit? Well, they don't deserve all that money. It ain't fair, when there are tons of good people in the streets who have nothing. I like to think that I'm that guy, Robin Hood. Robbing from the rich to give to the poor. I ended up dropping out of high school at 17, since I already had to repeat a grade to graduate, and got a 'job' workin' at the nearest Walmart. Those suckers never knew what hit them, I jacked so much shit. I was slick about it too. Yeah, life was great. I had a job, tons of girlfriends, and parties and stuff, plus a new Xbox 360.

…Too bad I wasn't as slick as I would have liked. When I hit 18, they found me out. I tried running from the law for a while. It was my mom, a certified nurse at this point, who came to my rescue. Our gang buddies hit us up with new papers and everything, and we up and moved out of there to the end of the world. And by the end of the world, I mean Forks freaking Washington. The smallest hicktown you could possibly imagine, up in the middle of goddamn nothing. See, my mom's internet 'boyfriend' lived up there with his daughter Holly. Some smuck named Leo Magnuson. He convinced her to go up there and move in with her, I don't know how. She's way too good for him.

And now, here I am. Stuck in this dump of a place, friendless (again), and stuck with a bunch of incest freaks, I bet. Everything is boring, and all I do is play videogames and try to pretend I'm anywhere else. It's freakin' cold, and everyone's super lame. And white. Way white. My mom's trying to convince me to go back to school, but she doesn't get that being at school when I'm 19 would be super lame. I might get a GED or something, to make her shut up. I might get a job soon.

All I know for sure is that this town aint ever seen nothing like me before. I'm going to rock it so hard, you don't even know.

Timeline and Current Plots

July 2007: Arrive in Forks, Washington
July 2007: Picked up a part-time job at Vintage Cloth and Cafe
August 2007: Threw a huge party with Holly…and was busted for it.
September 2007: During a camping trip, was bitten by a mutated Wolf.
October 2007: Began plotting to throw a party with Holly, Avery, and Trevor.
October 2007: Is forced to transform, for the first time, when Alyse threatens. Avery and Holly witness it.
October 2007: Bites Avery, transforming her into a werewolf.


Tiago is a very energetic, in your face type personality. Generally, he's obnoxious but in an endearing sort of way, the result of a boy with a good heart, but much bravado. He doesn't mean to hurt anyone or anything, but has a sort of 'macho' complex that requires him to prove how much faster, stronger, better he is than almost everyone else. As a result, he's fairly easy to manipulate. Preface anything with 'I bet you're too chicken to…" and you have the perfect pawn thanks to Mr. DaSilva. He is brave, and unfailing in his loyalty, genetically designed to be a social creature, but often thrust into loneliness by the circumstances that surround him. He is also fiercely territorial and protective of everything he perceives as his - any possible threats will be dealt with swiftly, harshly, and without a second thought to the repercussions of his actions. He is a wonderful friend to have, being the lovable, easily outsmarted goof that he is. In general, he has a great sense of humor, and is exceptionally playful.

The lad does have his dark side, however. He is fiercely self-righteous, despite the fact that his moral compass is horribly skewed. He finds absolutely nothing wrong in stealing from the rich in order to benefit himself. He does, however, find much fault with your typical, everyday bullying when not being perpetrated by himself, and is known for sticking up for the underdog. And sticking up when it comes to Tiago can deteriorate into a very bad thing, considering his flaring temper. He has a history of violence against enemies, warranted or otherwise. Once scorned, it's difficult to get back to the lad's good graces, though not impossible. Also the boy has serious self-control issues. He seems unable to do anything in moderation, which leads to the abuse of many substances, relationships, and such.


Name Relation Notes
Holly Semi Step Sister With the end of the dreaded love triangle from hell, the relationship between the two have been strained at best. Both parties are hurt, Holly considerably more so, but despite his rejection of her in that sense, she holds a special corner in his heart. He feels extremely overprotective of her, and would give up an arm to make sure she's doing well.
Trevor Acquaintance Tiago has no opinions on him at all - but he's helping to host a party, so he's alright.
Carly Crazy Beyotch She hates Tiago for hurting her friend. Tiago dislikes her, seeing as she butted into an argument with Avery. She tends to attack him with stuffed animals when she sees him.
Nicolas Crazy Beyotch's Boyfriend Tiago is hoping that Nic can talk sense into Carly. Otherwise, he seems okay enough.

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"April 26, 1992" - Sublime
"Go Girl" - Pitbull

"I Saw You Saying (That You Say That You Saw)" -The Raimundos

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