Trevor Lockwood
Trevor LockWood
Sam Hall-Haydon as Trevor
Fullname Trevor Kyle LockWood
Birthday September 14th
Species Human
Age 18
Height 6'5
Weight 160-170ish
Eyes Green
Hair Red/Brown
Power No real 'powers', he has plenty skills though. Ask if your curious.
Parents Cindy and Jim LockWood
Siblings Older brother Jeff, Twin brother Cody, Younger Twin Sisters Julie and Samantha
Occupation Student, partime job at the local vet's office, volunteer at Animal Shelter


Trevor is a rather normal teenager, doing his best to hang out with his friends and have fun. He grew up with his family in Baltimore, Maryland. They lived right outside of the city where his mother (Cindy) is a small/large animal vet and his father (Jim) is a sergeant in the Baltimore police. Trevor has four siblings, a twin brother named Cody, older brother name Jeff, and two younger twin sisters Julie and Samantha.

Trevor has a natural love for animals and music; he has always worked with his mother at the clinic since he can remember as he just seemed to have a natural talent of making friends with the animals along with keeping them calm. His father had wished he would follow his footsteps and go into the police force as a good amount of the family on both his mother and father's side have been cops. Instead he plans on finshing school and going to college to become a veterinary. His twin brother Cody was the black sheep in the family, always causing trouble in one thing or another.

For Trevor school was always a problem mostly because his brother would get in trouble and he would get blamed for it that is until he started trying to look very different then his brother. Once he started high school he got into a punk rock look, while his brother was more of a jock. Trevor was never good at sports, but he excelled at music. He could play any instrument but took a liking to the guitar. During highs school Trevor still worked with his mother at the veterinary clinic, while working with ones parents might be a problem he never saw it this way. His mother was a great teacher, and her staff taught him everything they knew and he had a good paying job as a technician by the ninth grade. This of course made his twin jealous as when Cody went into ninth grade he got into some serious trouble and was kicked off the football team because of it.

At the start of Trevor's junior year Cody got into trouble again, his twin was hanging out with the wrong crowd and this time was arrested. The judge went easy on him because he knew the boy's father, but the judge warned that if anything happened again he was going to a detention center for a while. For a while Cody seemed to stay out of trouble, and he and Trevor actually started to act like brothers again, by the holidays this all changed when Cody was nearly arrested for stealing a car. The two was on their way home, Trevor driving the said stolen car when they were pulled over. Cody said he borrowed the car from a friend and Trevor believed him, still the two were arrested and taken to jail to wait on their parents to pick them up. During this time Trevor said he would take the blame for the car, knowing his brother would get sent to lock up otherwise. When the twin's parents heard of what happened they were both furious, one at Cody for causing the trouble (parents just have a way of knowing), an two for Trevor trying to cover for Cody. In the end neither went to jail, but Trevor's parents feared that he would turn out like his brother before long.

There way of changing this was to send Trevor away for a while, and luck would have it a cousin in the family, Sarah Smith. Sarah's mother is Trevor's mother's cousin, while the family often visited and hung out it has been some time before Trevor has actually seen Sarah. In the end the mothers of the cousin's made a plan, Trevor would be sent out to stay with Sarah for a while and this would hopefully help him stay out of trouble. When Trevor found out about this he was mad, furious to say the least. He did not understand why he had to leave and his brother got to stay at home. In the end his parents won the battle and Trevor was sent to Forks (the middle of nowhere with how Trevor sees it), with his things and his dogs.


Trevor is a carefree youth most of the time; he is trustworthy and caring especially when it comes to family and animals. His humor is a little dry while he tends to be quiet and shy a good amount of the time. While he is friendly to everyone he meets he isn't always the most open and tends to try and keep most things to himself, questions are at times answered with questions. When it comes to animals, family and music he opens up the most, any animal that might be in need of help when his around will get it one way or another. If someone ever wanted to really get him to open up would just need to talk about animals and that would get him talking.


Trevor was diagnoised with Guillain-Barre Syndrome during the spring. He spent the rest of the school year mostly in the hospital and then when he was out only had a few weeks left of school. Lucky thanks to Beverley he never got behind during his work. Because of Guillain-Barre Syndrome at times he feels week, especially when stressed out, or to busy to remember to not over work himself. Still his made a rather good bounce back from it thanks to be being caught so early.

After getting sick Trevor distanced himself from many, and has had problems attemping to get back into the swing of things with others his own age which leaves him feeling like the odd man out at times.

Recent Events

October 18th:

With another one of his friends missing Trevor has become rather quiet, though with it being Beverley that is missing this could be the reason. Bev was the one he counted on when he was sickand in the hospital and the only person in Forks he actually considered a real friend. With his cousin gone his pretty much on his own in this small town as his parents have not agreedto let him go back home yet, wanting him instead to finsh school and get into college. His become rather distance from the few new 'friends' his made lately rather recently as well.


[[tab Humans]]

Name Relationship Description
Sarah Smith Cousin Sarah is Trev's older cousin on his mother's side. Trev was 'kicked' out to Forks to live with her for a while to get his act back together as his parents worried he would follow in his twin-brother's footsteps and turn into a trouble maker.
Beverley McKinnon Friend Trevor and Bev know each other from school and also through Darcy. They talk and hang out on occasion.
Avery "Ree" Grey Friend Avery and Trevor met up one day as school let out, the two started talking and so far they seem to like each other in the friend way. At least Avery can actually get Trevor to say more then a few words.
Carly Robertson Friend The wo met one night at the local ice cream place and had a conversaion, so far everything seems to be leaning towards a friendhip.
Holly Magnuson Acquaintance Trevor met Holly through Avery and the three along with Tiago are planning on having a Halloween party. She seems cool to him even though they haven't talked much.
Nicolas Belmont Acquaintance These two met at school before the bear attack, and then once again at the movies a night later. So far he thinks Nicolas is alright.
Tambrey Callidus Acquaintance Met once at school and then a bear nabbed her. He isn't to sure what all may have happened as he hasn't talked to her since that day.
Charlene Candice Swan Acquaintance Trevor and Charlene bumped into each other over at the ice cream place. They talked for a bit and Trevor made the comment about dressing up in as a girl in a private school type clothing for Halloween and Charlene is holding him to it. His still not to sure about it to say the least, though knowing him, he'd do it for fun.


[[tab Vampires]]

Name Relationship Description
Alyse Jones Acquaintance Trevor met Alyse one night in Forks. Ree was nervous around her but he never saw a problem with her. But then his had vampire friends before and never picked up that something is just /off/ about them.


[[tab Werewolves an Shifters]]

Name Relationship Description
Tiago DaSilva Acquaintance Trevor met Tiago through Avery, he seems alright to him even though they haven't talked much.

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