About the Twilight Saga

Eventide is based off the Twilight series of books by Stephenie Meyer, which includes titles Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Players are not required to have read or have familiarity with the series. A synopsis as well as resources have been provided below.


The Twilight Saga is the story of an unlikely romance between regular, but ridiculously clumsy teenaged girl Isabella (Bella) Swan and the handsome, gentle vampire, Edward Cullen. The story takes place in the rainiest city in the United States - Forks, Washington. The two meet at Forks High School, and soon find they are "destined" for each other in every sense. However, there are obstacles to their relationship. Although Edward and his family, the Cullens, are "vegetarian" vampires (meaning they don't drink blood from humans, only animals), Bella is still desirable to Edward because of her blood. Bella's fragile tendencies don't help either - she's always getting into danger and requiring Edward to be her hero. Sometimes, those dangers include threats from other vampires - other vampires that do feast on humans.

Bella also befriends a native Quileute boy, Jacob Black. The two quickly establish a connection that possibly goes beyond friendship. However, Jacob has more than just jealously problems with Bella's boyfriend, Edward. Jacob's tribe long ago developed a defense mechanism against the deadly "cold ones" - or vampires. Jacob and several of the young Quileute people can transform into fearsomely strong werewolves, designed to hunt vampires. Although the werewolves and the Cullens uphold a truce, tensions always run thick.

The Twilight Saga tells the story of how Bella, Edward, the Cullens, Jacob, and everyone else meet and the dangers they face - and fight together. The storyline is not complicated, but is best read on a comprehensive plot-summary and information site, like Wikipedia. We have provided more news files and websites in the next two pages of the help file.


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