Tzipporah Clarke
Annette Olzon as Tzipporah Clarke
Fullname Tzipporah Jacqueline Clarke
Birthday July 24
Species Shifter
Age 16
Height 6'0"
Weight 155 lbs
Eyes Silver
Hair Black
Power None
Parents Robert and Helen Clarke
Siblings None
Occupation Student


Tzipporah Clarke is the daughter of Robert Clarke and his wife Helen. Robert was a Los Angeles native divorce lawyer. Helen grew up on the La Push Reservation, received a scholarship and went to universtiy. She went on to law school and later married Robert, then lived practicing upper-scale corporate law in L.A.

When their daughter was born, there was nothing that was too good for her. She had the best of everything, but at the cost of mostly-absent parents. Tzip grew up a bit of a wild child, smart, but constricted by rules and schedules. Bit of a rocker girl. She never had many 'friends', but had a constantly changing group of acquaintences; nothing lasts long in L.A. She loved music, skateboarding, and basketball, but she was forever doing them in places she wasn't supposed to be.

When she hit sixteen, her proximity to a small coven of LA vamps - and the fury of discovering her first boyfriend making out with one of the junior cheerleaders - triggered her first change. Luckily, it was late at night and she was somewhere she wasn't supposed to be. No one would believe the clump of homeless drunks that saw a white dog the size of a pony. Terrified, she confessed it to her mother, who remembered the old legends and decided the only thing to be done was to send Tzip to La Push to live with her grandparents. There she'd be in less danger of harming someone else or being discovered and could have the support of the elders/other wolves in coping with something she'd never even imagined. So, within three months, she was packed up and shipped off to somewhere she vehemently did not want to be.


Tzip is the picture perfect definition of 'wild child'. She doesn't like to follow the rules — any rules — and will go out of her way to disobey at times. She's a spitfire who never feels or does anything halfway. She loves and hates with equal depth. Her temper is easily riled, but just as easily soothed. She is mercurial; one minute she'll brood like a storm and the next she'll be up and running, laughing at something obscure. It doesn't take much to get her to laugh, but she doesn't always know when to rein in her own sense of humor, often leading to embarrassing and insulting results.


Name Relationship Description
Jacob Black Packmate Tzip likes Jacob. He's easygoing and laid back and seems to actually get her sense of humor. He too seems to want as much peace between wolves and vampires as there can be, so Tzip both respects and trusts him and his judgement.
Derek Bannon Packmate Derek, being a macho sort of cheeseball, annoys the living daylights out of Tzipporah. His — to her — stupid "racial" hatred of vampires doesn't help matters either. She tolerates him, but doesn't trust him very far at all.
Lorelei Meinkoth Packmate Tzip hasn't had as much time to get to know Lorelei as she has some of the others. What she does know, she likes, though the other girl seems a bit stiff to her. Still, the girls gotta stick together, right?
Seraphin "Luc" Bussey Acquaintance After meeting him at a rather intriguing police benefit, Tzip found that their views matched up quite well. At one point, he echoed her own thoughts nearly word for word. She enjoyed his company and looks forward to learning more about him and his 'alliances'.

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