Vampire Abilities

Vampires have many supernatural abilities. They are the ultimate predators, and therefore, most of their abilities relate to being able to stalk, hunt, and kill prey. Their abilities are listed below.

Speed - vampires can run at very high speeds; usually as fast as or faster than a car, depending on a vampire. They are not faster than werewolves/shifters, however.

Strength - a vampire can stop a moving car, split a bolder in half, or rip a television apart. Some vampires many be stronger than others, but all can very easily damage objects humans cannot. Newborn vampires are stronger than older vampires.

Endurance - running for a long period of time or fighting will not make a vampire tired. That being said, vampires do not sleep or need to sit down.

Grace - a vampire moves with super-human grace, almost seeming to float. To fit in with regular humans, they need to deliberately slow down and seem clumsy.

Beauty - all vampires appear extraordinarily beautiful, or at least flawless to the human eye.

Seduction - vampires are designed to attract humans. Their voices, movements, and scents attract humans naturally.

Resilience - the only way a vampire can be killed fully is by burning their bodies to ash. That being said, vampires are highly resistant to physical harm and can heal easily.

Heightened Senses - vampires have a far superior sense of smell, sight, and hearing than humans.

Venom - vampires have venom in their saliva and in any mucus membrane. Their venom is deadly to humans, but has healing power for vampires. Venom can turn humans into vampires.

Unique powers - many vampires have a unique ability that only they can do. For example, Alice can predict the future. No two abilities are the same.

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