Vampire Behavior

Vampires are predators. When they are in their element, they act as a hunter, stalking their human prey and satisfying their thirst. However, many times vampires want to fit in with humans. When they do, they must make a conscious effort to act as a human would. Remember that vampires are dead and therefore don't need the things the living do.

  • Vampires do not get tired. They don't sleep, they don't need to sit down.
  • They do not need to breathe, but most do out of habit from their human lives.
  • Blinking is not necessary for vampires. They only do so to look human.
  • Vampires cannot cry, they don't produce tears. Dry heaves and sobs are possible.
  • Vampires do not eat human food, it disgusts them. They do not use the bathroom.
  • Vampires' skin is made up of hard, reflective cells, like crystal.
  • Their skin protects them, but also sparkles in the sun very brilliantly. They cannot be in the sun or humans will get suspicious.
  • Vampires can feed as often as they prefer. Most do it at least once a week, some can go longer. Lack of blood won't kill them; just weaken them.
  • Vampires fall in love and can have intimate relations with other vampires. Sex with humans is close to impossible do to the vampire's strength.
  • Female vampires cannot have children, they are dead.
  • A male vampire can impregnate a human woman.
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