Vampire Feeding

Vampires live off blood. It does not have to be human, but human blood is the most alluring and satisfying to feed on. Vampires can feed as often as they'd like - they know it's time to feed when a burning thirst and yearning can be felt in the back of their throat. Most vampires feed about once a week or more often. Newborns will need to feed substantially more often.

To feed, a vampire must bite its prey with his or her fangs, and then drain all of the blood. In Twilight, vampires cannot feed and let the prey live, the prey will always die after the feeding. That being said, living blood is preferred by vampires. Feeding off dead bodies is rarely heard of.

As an alternative to killing people, vampires can live off stored blood, such as that at a blood bank. They can also live off animal blood. Animal blood is not as satisfying for vampires, so they may have to feed more often. Vampires would never bite shifters or wolves to feed; their smell is repulsive.

Vampires do not each human food. They are capable of doing so only if they later plan on throwing up. It's not preferred, obviously.

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