Vampire History

The Twilight series never explains how vampires came to be. Theories and models can be exchanged ICly on the original creation. The oldest living vampires, however, are the Volturi members Aro, Marcus, and Caius and their wives and the two Romanian vampires, whom were created around 300-400 BC. Since then, the community has expanded across the world.

There have been periods in history where humans were more aware of vampires than at other times. For example, in the 1800s, a great war broke out in the Southern United States. Vampires were creating armies of powerful newborns to protect their territories (and their supply of human blood), which led to huge amounts of humans and vampires being killed. The Volturi managed to get involved and eventually cover the tracks and damages of the war.

A timeline of events in the vampire community can be read at the Twilight Lexicon (a website not affiliated with Eventide).

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