Vampire Newborns

Becoming a vampire

Changing from a human to a vampire is an incredibly painful and horrifying process. The human must be sufficiently filled with vampire venom by a vampire bite (or by syringe), and then their body undergoes a transformation period that can last several days, based on the amount of venom and its proximity to the heart. The pain endured as the physical changes happen to the human is described as the single worst pain ever felt, one that makes one wish for death at every moment. Almost all vampires remember their transformation because of the intense pain. The heart continues beating until at last, the venom gets pumped through the veins and arteries, where it dries all of the cells with each agonizing beat. Then the heart stop beating and the transformation is complete. It takes anywhere from 2-4 days.

Newborn characteristics

Newborns vampires awaken confused, super-strong, and most of all, hungry. Their deep red eyes reflect their desperate hunger; and the burning in the back of their throat is almost constant. Even the kindest human turned into a vampire will have difficulty controlling the urge to kill and feed on humans. Newborns may also not be able to handle their own strength, or else be quite fascinated with it. The newborn phase can last several years for some, but may only last 1-2 years for others.

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