Vampire Weaknesses

Every predator has its weakness, and the vampires have theirs. These weaknesses may or may not be known by your character ICly. Holy water, crosses, pure silver, etc. are all fictional weaknesses according to the Twilight series.

Sunlight - vampires will not melt in the sun, but they will sparkle intensely - therefore, they can't be in the sun around humans, or people will find out they are supernatural, and the Volturi will come down upon them.

Fire - the only known way to murder a vampire is to burn his or her body into ash.

Human blood - even the most controlled vampire can become out of control when human blood is spilled. Blood will not harm vampires, but because of their obsession with it, it can be dangerous.

Werewolf/shifter bites - the teeth of a werewolf or shifter are sharp enough to pierce a vampire's tough skin and weaken them.

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