Virginia Dellarae
Natalie Imbruglia as Virginia
Fullname Virginia Dellarae - Formally Krinov
Birthday Nov 13th
Species Vampire
Age Apparent: 18
Height 5'4"
Weight 120 lbs.
Eyes Red : Brown (w/ contacts)
Hair Short Angled/Black
Power None
Parents Albertson and Deborah Dellarae
Siblings Emily, and Alan
Occupation Drummer


Virginia was born November 13th 1920 to Albertson Dellarae and Deborah Dellarae, at the very beginning of the Roaring Twenties in Plainfield, Indiana. Virginia was the middle child of three, she had an older sister Emily, and a younger brother Alan. She was generally the quiet one, refusing to speak unless it was necessary, and had a fear of anyone that wasn't immediate family. Strangers terrified her.

When Virginia was nine years old, the stock market crashed and the great depression began. It was a hard life, and they lost more money then they could make. Virginia's mother died when she was eleven, the stress to much for her and her health failing dramatically. When her sister could, Emily left to try and make it on her own somewhere possibly down south or maybe New York City; she always dreamed of the Jazz life and being a Flapper.

Many of their friends family's lost members to the depression, people had begun to kill each other, to kill themselves. Her family was lucky enough to avoid such a disaster, at least what was left of her family.

Her school days went by in a blur, as did any relationships she tried to maintain. Virginia was always too busy trying to help her father as best as she could in supporting their little family, and tried to see her brother through the best of the hard times. Needless to say, they had very very little, and it was extremely hard to think positively during such times.

By the 1930s money was scarce because of the depression, so people did what they could to make their lives happy. Movies were hot, parlor games and board games were popular. People gathered around radios to listen to the Yankees. Young people danced to the big bands. Franklin Roosevelt influenced Americans with his Fireside Chats. The golden age of the mystery novel continued as people escaped into books, reading writers like Agatha Christie, Dashielle Hammett, and Raymond Chandler.

Virginia took on a more adult role then she should have at age sixteen. Her father was always working to support them, just barely so they wouldn't have to relocate to a shantytown, and her brother was all about the decades fashions trends and horse racing. Virginia, or 'Ginny' as her brother called her, tried to keep him in line and discourage any behavior not suitable for a boy his age.

In the winter of 1938, just after her eighteenth birthday, Virginia was finally able to try to get a job of her own. Her brother was finally old enough, though she still thought him too young, and since she had no one else to look after decided she would add to the income. She traveled to Indianapolis in hopes of a job turning up, and instead found her end. Or beginning.

Virginia had gotten lost, to put it simply, and was wondering down an alley in the direction of the sound of cars and people. She was nervous, frightened, it was her first time in this large city and people made her very uneasy. As she got closer to the alley's end, she barely had time to turn at the sound behind her when a man's strong rock-hard hands had her in a death grip. Before the pain in her neck and arms reached her brain he was biting her Virginia had the ability to mumble one frail word, "Please.." Eyes stricken open in horror. Was this how women got robbed and raped? Was this what it /felt/ like?

Apparently it was enough to rip the man from whatever frenzy he'd been in, enough to make him stop from draining her blood dry. Before Virginia knew it, her entire body was on fire. Worse then fire, it felt like she'd been dipped in a vat of acid. She could barely think through the searing pain that was coursing through her. Her vision of the street and cars, so close, slowing faded as her eyes slammed shut. She felt as if she laid this way for months, years even. However it was merely a handful of days. In those few days, she could barely remember hearing the mans voice, telling her his name, telling her he was so sorry, telling her that everything would be ok, that she was going to heaven. Virginia felt like she was burning in hell.

She awoke with an outrageous thirst, a craving for something to make the burning stop, and yet a longing to make the pained face above her smile. She tentatively raised a hand to the man's face, to Donny's face as she vaguely recalled, attempting to soothe him. For some reason.. she didn't want to see any other face but /his/. She /loved/ it. However their moment of first love was interrupted by angry hisses and curses and Virginia found herself abandoned upon the alley floor, confused and /hungry/. She sought after the man, after /her/ Donny, and found him struggling with another. She reacted as only someone in love could.

The woman was up and running, faster then she ever thought possible, to remove this threat from her love. She did it with a single thrust to the chest; her face was frozen in shock, possibly horror. She couldn't understand what was happening, what had happened to her, and so she only pointed at Donny and yelled hoarsely, "My name is Virginia and I /love/ him. Do not.. put your.. hands on him!" For this was all that she was sure of.

After this, Virginia learned exactly what she was and who these people were. The man whom she'd declared to never leave, the man who had attacked her, was Donny "Donald" Arke. The two who had arrived were Lev and Natalia Krinov - and they were vampires. /She/ was a vampire.

They trained her, taught her about her hunger, and mainly showed her how to satisfy it. At first Virginia was appalled by their actions, by what she had to do. However after the first few times she fell into it like riding a bike.

It was then they left, Donny and her posing as Natalia and Lev's married children on more then one occasion. She would think every once in awhile, sadly, about her father, brother and sister. However over time, those memories and her sadness simply faded into her past life. Nothing more then a shimmer of thought.

After several decades of moving from place to place, the coven finally gave in and followed the pull to New York City in 1968. Lev and Natalia purchased another theater, Donny and Virginia helping run it. It was here that their little family added another, however not right away, her name was Ramona. Virginia liked the girl, she had potential. When Natalia finally changed her, the four left after being approached by the Volturi and they fled the city almost immediately leaving Ramona behind.

The coven moved back to Canada, where Ramona found them in Montreal. It wasn't long however before they left Canada, moving ever south and staying in each city only for a few years at a time, until they reached Houston in 1990, and quickly became caught in the aftermath of the territorial wars that had torn apart the south a century ago. The coven fought back against their vampiring rivals, determined to remain where they were, tired of fleeing, until the summer of '94.

That was when Natalia vanished, the Volturi rumored to have a hand in her disappearance. Eventually failing to defeat, the Krinovs returned to the last familiar place in which they had known some small joy; New York. Lev was never the same however and her mate Donny was desperate to hang onto some form of music and so he began to teach the remaining Krinov's how to play.

It didn't take long for them to realize they rather liked the idea of a band. Lev was a fabulous singer, Donny was great at guitar, Ramona at bass, and Virginia - well - Virginia adored the drums. Over the years, Virginia's once quiet and withdrawal self has mutated to a somewhat bitter version. She still remains quiet, collective, however she has a bit of a temper and is fiercely protective and loyal to her only family. She loves to bask in adoration and collect human accessories, something she never got to have when she was human and poor.

By 2001, their band Crimson Delirium was something straight out of the music hall of fame. Currently the band is traveling across the United States on tour coming ever closer to the conflict in Washington. And it's not by accident.


Virginia murders with looks rather then words [when she isn't using her hands or teeth]. The women has a glare that could freeze the earth's core. She has a love for human accessories, making herself as 'noticeable' and 'trendy' as possible. Being 'low key' doesn't really register in her mind. She's full of herself, arrogant, and used to getting what she wants. One of her pet peeves is tapping nails and clicking teeth. She's got a bit of a temper, however she can control it rather well; it takes a lot to send her over the edge. She's extremely sarcastic, and is known for her snippy one-liners.


Name Relationship Description
Lev Krinov Ex Coven Leader Virginia and Lev have always had an odd relationship. Especially now.
Donny Krinov Ex Mate While Ginny loves and adores her former mate, she's currently put off with him due to him assuming they're seperated in her leave.
Ramona Krinov Ex Covenmate "Mona's" wild ideas always have Virginia right by her side; Ramona is Ginny's bestfriend, even to this day Ginny still sees the woman as this.
Anastasia Ravenwood Ex-band member Ginny never really got close to Stacy.
Darcy Bowen Friend 'Mona introduced Darcy and Ginny; Ginny thinks she has potential and adores her house.
Lorelei Meinkoth Enemy Ginny wishes Lorelei would throw herself off a cliff.
Met In Passing ..
Abbey Wallace Stranger Abbey and Ginny met breifly; an uncomfortable tense meeting at that.
Esme Cullen Stranger Ginny has dubbed her 'Mommy Dearest' and generally enjoys when the gentle faced vampiress gets uncomfortable.
Edward Cullen Stranger Virginia dislikes the angsty Cullen boy and his human female.
Rosalie Hale Stranger One of the 'Cullens' that Virginia breifly saw in the woods behind Bella's house. No words were spoken between the two.
Jasper Hale Stranger Another of the 'Cullens'. Ginny saw him in the woods behind Bella's house but didn't speak to him.
Jacob Black Stranger Ginny knows little about this boy - save he smells of dog.

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"Don't Trust Me" - 3Oh!3
"An Apathetic New World" - Protest The Hero
"The Sharpest Lives" - My Chemical Romance

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