Every character has weaknesses. For every skill your character has, he or she should also have a weakness. A weakness can help define your character and make him or her more dimensional - after all, perfect is no fun. Make sure to describe the extent of your character's weakness during CharGen.

For each skill, your character must have a weakness. Also, vampires with unique powers must build a weakness/limitation into their power.

If you're stuck, here are some types of weaknesses to think about:

  • Physical: We can't all be Olympians. Maybe your character isn't strong, gets hurt easily, or even has some sort of disease.
  • Mental: Phobias, deep hatreds, chemical imbalances… we're all a little crazy, right?
  • Character flaws: Traits in your character's personality that affect them to the degree that they are a weakness: short-sightedness, extreme arrogance, over-sensitivity, etc.
  • Relational: Does your character have a crazy mother? Do they have no friends? Both weaknesses.
  • Combat: When engaged in a fight, does your character act a certain way that endangers them? Or maybe they just generally suck at fighting?
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