Yves Connelly
Amy Lee as Yves
Fullname Evelyn Connelly
Birthday June 24
Species Previously Vampire: Now Human
Age Appears: Late 20's, Early 30's
Height 5'7"
Weight 128 lbs.
Eyes Blue
Hair Jet Black
Parents Deceased
Siblings Deceased
Occupation Nightclub Waitress


Yves was born Evelyn Ailsa in the village of Ayr in 1328. There wasn't much to her life, then, as she grew up in a large family of nine on an even larger farm, and found herself more often working than playing. There was very little that was strange or important about her life, and she grew up knowing that her father would marry her off one day, and she would go to live on another farm somewhere and bear her husband's children. The farm did well for many years, but soon the ground became sallow and unfertile, and the family could grow very few crops and nurished very poor looking livestock. Unwilling to leave his birthplace, Evenlyn's father sent his children into the world. His sons he sent looking for fertile land to till, while his daughters were sent to the cities to be married to fine men who would provide for them. It was in Cardross that Evelyn met Ronan Connelly, fell deeply in love with the older man, and married him at 16.

The age difference between husband and wife was not unheard of at the time. Perhaps the most astonishing aspect to the couple was that they truly loved one another, unlike most other arranged marriages carved in blood at matrimonial hatred. Evenlyn took up residence on Ronan's family land and helped him mantain the farm. She was not useless tilling soil, and the duo did well raising food and livestock for themselves, as well as being able to take surplus to market to sell. Eventually, Evenlyn had to slow down as she was soon heavily pregnant, and gave birth to a healthy baby girl the couple named Juliann. The birth did not keep Evelyn out of the field for long, and soon baby Juliann was tottering around the plant stalks and chasing chickens while her parents worked. When their daughter was two, however, Ronan was called away to Neville's Cross.

Evelyn was able to hold together the farm for a while after Ronan's leave, but Juliann was still not old enough to be of any great help to her, and day after day after year after year passed. The battle was over, and the English had won at Neville's Cross but there was still no sign of her husband. She never knew much about her husband's past experience as a soldier, and he never wanted to talk about it much, so Evelyn was left to worry and fret; she stopped working the land, she stopped eating, and eventually she stopped sleeping. Juliann was only seven or eight at the time, and was in no condition to replace her father's work. Evelyn thought about leaving the Connelly lands to go to the city, but news of the Plague reached her in the countryside and she decided to protect her and her daughter from that unfortunate death.

Her decision was ill-fated. While she spared herself disease, she brought onto her family the greatest strife she has ever known. She had just sung a tired Juliann to bed and was walking through their darkened cottage, candlight leading the way, when her daughter screamed. Evelyn ran to see what was the matter, and saw Juliann hanging limply in the arms of a dark figure, its ghastly maw agape and stained with blood. The light from her candle shimmered across the creature's skin, and its terrifying gaze held her fast. The creature lunged at her. The candle fell and snuffed. The pain that shot from her shoulder, deep into her muscles and spasmed across her body was like nothing she ever felt. She thinks she screamed, but she can't remember. She did not know of the war. She did not know of vampires. She only knew the pain until she collapsed from exhaustion, and the poison coursed through her.

The vampire left Evelyn and Juliann to their 'deaths,' content to come back when the transformation was complete. Evelyn was unaware of everything during this time as she slowly died, and only knew the furry and the burning hunger she woke with. She did not know that her Ronan had returned, only to bury his wife and daughter in his grief at seeing them 'dead.' She did not know a man had come to rob her house and stabbed her husband. She did not know a werewolf had 'saved' him from death. Evelyn burst from her shallow grave with only the desire to feed; the farm's now puny livestock would suffice for the time being, and she thirsted on animal blood. This did not satisfy her well enough. Fortunately for her, a lone passerby, a refugee from the city, fleeing the Plague, stumbled onto her farmstead. His body did not last long enough to be turned, for she tore him limb from limb in her fervor to feed, and drank his blood dry.

When she was lucid, the self-same vampire from before, the one who had turned her, approached her. She barely recognized him. She didn't remember much before her hunger. He explained what she was. He explained his existence. He explained she was to come with him. In her arrogance, she denied him and all that the vampires were; she did not ask to participate in this 'war,' nor did she ask to be killed by him. Their Covens, she thought, were of nothing to her. She thought only of her husband, her Ronan, and his life. She didn't know where her Juliann was, and her creator would not tell her. Evelyn shrieked and ran from him, ran through the night, hid during the day, stole livestock where she could… killed where she could. She hunted in vain for her Ronan, but did not know where to look. She traveled across Scotland and back, and after many centuries gave up.

Over time Evelyn learned well the strengths, and limitations, of her species. She fled from the Covens because she didn't trust them, she fled from the wolves because she didn't understand them. As she grew older she grew colder and more distance. She did not have her husband or her son, and could find no solace anywhere in the world. Recently, however, whispers and rumors of happenings in Forks, across the sea, lured her in search of… Ronan. She feared that the war expanded to him, and heard that he might still be alive… and stink like a dog.

Recently - Yves had contact with a small girl, a young vampire, and sence then her world has been turned upside down. She's gone from human to vampire; and now human and has no idea how except because of that one young vampiress.


Because her life was stolen from her, Evelyn doesn't trust other vampires. She is also wary of werewolves, having learned the reason for each species existance. Since her turning, Evelyn has had very little to be happy about. She has not joined the war, and there is very little for her to do in any sort of normal existence. At one point, she had thought about getting a night job as a bar tender or waitress, but didn't really see a need to do much of anything. She has become aloof and apathetic, only recently showing the vague interest or hope that her husband might be alive. To humans she is seen as a bit of a snob, and doesn't tend to talk much, if at all. Many men have seen the palm of her hand across their cheek after their remarks. With her jet black hair and pale skin, she's often seen in bars and nightclubs, trending toward a more goth-like appearance to, in an opposite twist of reasons, fit in.


Name Relationship Description
Brian Landon Husband (In her past life) Brian was Yves husband back in Scotland when he was Ronan, and she was Evelyn. He was turned by a werewolf shortly after Yves herself was bitten by a vampire. They assumed each other dead - until now.
Abbey Wallace Stranger Abbey "intruded" on Yves and Brian's reunion.

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