Zach Carson
Hayden Christensen as Zach
Fullname Zachary David Carson
Birthday November 18, 1990
Species Human
Age 17
Height 6'1"
Weight 175
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Power Cooking, Knowledge of Cars
Parents Hank and Grace Carson
Siblings n/a
Occupation Cook at Waffle House


Zach is the only child to Hank and Grace Carson. He grew up as a mechanic's son which makes him pretty good with cars. When he was six he already knew how to change the oil and he helped rolls the tires to his dad. During the summer he'd visit his grandparents up in Canada.

Around the age of eleven he helped his grandmother in her restaurant for the summer. Deciding that he liked to cook, Zach shocked his parents by announcing this to be a new hobby. His father isn't too happy but has learned to accept it.

Now Zach works at the 'Waffle House' as a cook. Not the best but it helps pay the bills. Plus he looks forward to getting a scholarship to a good culinary school out East.


He is the polite type, quiet unless he knows you. He loves to help the underdogs and loves to show off his cooking skills for his close friends and family.


Name Relation Notes
Hank Carson(npc) Father Mechanic that has been diagnosed with cancer.
Grace Carson(npc) Mother HouseWife

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